First Goyard purchase (two items)

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  1. Hi all.

    Went to the London store on Mount Street today and picked up two small leather goods in black.

    Below are some pics!


    Wanted a matching passport holder but they didn't have it in the black canvas. The SA also showed me their new 'plain' grained leather st. Sulpice card holder. I believe it's an attempt to compete with LV's new taurillon leather, Hermes and Moynat.
  2. Brilliant, thank you for sharing! I wish their website would showcase some of their SLGs because I don't really know what's available. Would you mind sharing the prices?
  3. Yes ofcourse, sorry i had forgot to do so.

    Victoire (billfold wallet) - £450

    St. Sulpice (card holder) - £180

    Also I was told the prices for some other items...

    Gremelle (passport holder) - £340 standard colours/£445 special colours

    Croisiere 45 - £1940 standard colours / £2520 special colours

    Senat GM - £805 standard colours.

  4. Thank you so much, mrclt! that information is very useful! It's a shame that there isn't more info on this brand. It's helpful to find it here because it gets a bit awkward ringing the shop so often enquiring about prices. ;) Enjoy your new G goodies!
  5. Lovely, great pieces.