First Goyard color HELP!

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Which color goyard GM size

  1. Black/Black

  2. Black/Tan

  3. Grey

  4. Green

  5. White...??

  6. Navy

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello everyone! Ive read basically all the threads on color decisioning from all you guys BUT I wanted to make another poll and see what you guys think!
    I am in my early 20's, 5'6 pretty average-tall in my opinion, I am asian long black hair, skin is pretty fair and weigh 120lbs.

    I dress more semi-casual or just casual. I tend to like darker colors. Ive tried to forcefully/ try out lighter brighter handbags such as red, pink, but ended up selling them. I guess I just really like black. HOWEVER I'm not too sure if I like the black on black goyard something tells me it doesn't look as luxury..? compared to the tan and black. Im going to use this goyard for basically as an everyday (school and work)+ traveling, shopping, errands etc!! For everything except formal and dress up!
    And already decided on the GM size.

    Im thinking of either Black, Black with tan trim, Navy, Grey or maybe even green.. or white?! IDK so many beautiful colors!!

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  2. Do you plan to wear it all year round? If yes, I would say Grey as I feel like it is an all season color and I like this color best in the GM. If you are looking for a more summer color have you looked at the bright blue? I wear jeans a lot everyday and it really makes me outfit pop. Black is nice but I think the colors are extra special.
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  3. Personally, I find the black and tan to be WAY more boring than any of the other options that you've listed.
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  4. I guess since its my first goyard ill go with grey so I can wear it all year round and go with a fun color for my second!! Thank you!!!!
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