First Good Bag. Help Me Decide!


Mar 6, 2006
My husband is buying me my first real, good, bag. I am a novice with my choices. I really liked the Chloe "Betty", love the compartments and the super soft leather. After reading some posts though, a few complained about the leather either scratching easily or clothing colors bleeding onto the bag.

I prefer a bigger bag, maybe a hobo so I can carry it on my shoulder. The Chloe was a satchel so that would be ok too. It was also ivory. If I wanted to use it as an everyday bag, would it get dirty fast? How hard would it be to clean?

I don't really care for metalics. HELP!!! This will be my first time spending bookoo bucks on a bag so I want to use it everday and absolutely love it. There aren't many stores near me that sell designer bags, except Coach and everyone has one of those! I desperately need your expertise here. I don't want to regret one dollar of the price. Thanks for any advice...Jacquee
hm...I loved photos of the Betty too but was really underwhelmed when I saw it IRL, I don't know what problems people have had with it but I just thought it wasn't impressive. Even if you have to make a drive, I think you should go physically shopping for a bag. just my two cents.

but as to what kind of bag to actually buy...that's tricky. How about the Spy hobo? or a Marc Jacobs?
Here is a pic of my BV ball bag. Other members of this forum have it in dark brown and that too is lovely. Check out the handbag showcase for ideas.
I suggest spending a lot of time browsing in a good store that has got many of the brands suggested above. Try the bags on you, and see how you like them. It sounds as though you really want the bag to be useful and wearable for you. The only way to figure out what would suit you best, and create the right balance between looks and functionality, is to try on, try on, try on. Also, it's amazing how different things can look in real life!

Having said all of that, this forum is really really great for helping with the research you'll want to also do. And other people's experiences with particular styles can be really invaluable. And all of the suggestions posted above are great ones!
Kat said:
I suggest a Bottega Venetta ball bag. It comes in several colors and is a great bag. I have one in hazelnut and I truly love it!!!

I was just drooling over, um *admiring* :amuse: the perforated hobo in hazelnut on Gorgeous... :love:
I would suggest Chloe from the Paddington line, a classic leather Gucci, or a Marc Jacobs bag. If you want something you'll wear everyday, you want the leather to be durable and to grow more beautiful with time. Also, I'd pick something in a brown-town or black, as it hides dirt and looks classic yet versatile.
Have you ever considered a Chanel cerf tote? It's a classic and the leather makes it so ages beautifully and its elegant design means that you can carry it just about anywhere.