First GM shawl advice please

  1. LOL, just what I was thinking!
  2. I have only 2 GMs and I adore them both. The we're both pre-loved eBay purchases, which made them less pricey than H boutique.
  3. Oops, I didn't finish before submitting my thought. I chose the two I did based upon colors which would meld seamlessly into my wardrobe and look good with my complexion. Also, the borders are important, since that portion of the GM is so visible in almost every way it can be worn. If you scroll through pictures in other threads, you can see how different patterns (be they symmetrical or not, small or big, abstract or defined) play in such a large format. Then I just leaped at the one I saw pop up on eBay first, and then bought another. I have the Chasse en India in red, gold and olive and the Early America in blues. Good luck and good fun!
  4. Thank you all, now thinking maybe i shouldnt look think i can feel another addiction coming on and since i got my first silk only 2yrs ago and now have a drawer full maybe i should run screaming in the other direction
  5. For what it is worth, GMs are to me infinitely more wearable than scarves... during the winter (albeit southern california winter) i wear one practically every day, i don't look prissy as i do when wearing a scarf, they fit better into the more casual vibe of my town, and they are super useful to have if you travel. they roll nicely into a GM Karo, and can be whipped out to use on freezing cold airplanes. while i have a freezerful of shawls, they all go into rotation. I cannot say the same for my scarves although I also love them.