First Friends Reveal in RM Subforum History!


shallowly obsessing
Sep 30, 2007
Hello lovely ladies! Thank you for being so patient, this reveal needed to be carefully orchestrated.
My friend and I both got new RM's and she suggested we do a Friends reveal! I thought it was a great idea :idea:
So, as I said we had to orchestrate this reveal because we live on opposite coasts, I'm on the East coast and she's on the West coast. So the time difference is a bit of a challenge!
And, I'm not going to tell you who she is----hahahaha. She'll be on I'll give a few hints:
We have quite a bit in common: we both love Tea, cool and casual clothes and handmade jewelry from Etsy. We also share the same profession!

Ok, enough chatting....on w/ my part of our reveal!