FIRST first..!! decisions decision!!

Which colour?

  • Violet

  • '08 Coral Red / Vermillon

  • Rouille

  • Bordeaux

  • Ink

  • Anthracite

  • Other - please state!

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Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
HELP me make a decision...!! :yahoo:

while i'm waiting for one of my bags to sell for the funds... i figured i better start thinking about what colour/season to get now!

OK, so this is going to be my first first.. :nuts:, and it's going to be my one and only (forgive me i'm a starving student) evening/going out bag. So i need it to be relatively versatile! my favourite colour's blue, but i've already got (had) a blueberry day, and a cornflower twiggy, so i don't think i want another blue even tho the 08 electric blue is PURRTY....:sweatdrop:

So here's my list :

1) Violet - beautiful deep colour would pop out perfectly at the right occasion and also blend in when needs be. would be able to use summer/winter. However, i'm only willing to spend as much as (maybe slightly more) than retail, and right now they're pretty pricey! (that is, if i can find one)

2)'08 Coral Red/Vermillon - would LOVE a red bbag! but i'm still not sure if i can wait that long, AR said they'll be expecting it around april, + i haven't even seen pics of it yet. good thing would be that i'd be able to get it at retail! i'm open to any other reds but i really doubt i'd be able to find one bnwt at a reasonable price...

3)Rouille - not sure either, seen the pics, but it looks like one of those colours that would look REALLY different IRL...:s

4)Bordeaux - i heard the leather's gorgeous? i'm a bit worried it'd be a bit too brown looking.. sort of like dried blood :Push:.

5)Ink - maybe i could get one really purple! :yes: plus i bet it'll be really versatile! but how's the leather?

6)Anthracite - same as above!

Now, i realise that the first looks amazing in really bright colours, but seeing that this would be my one and only, i need it to take me from summer - winter, kwim? which is why i'm hesitating a lil bit with rouille or any other brighter colour...

PLEASE give me your opinions...!! i would SO SO SO appreciate them...!! and feel free to be real honest...! i haven't bought the bag yet after all...:yes:

sorry for the long post! but TIA everyone...!! :flowers:


Apr 28, 2007
At the end i voted for ink. As usual is my fav colour ever, but i had my vote without reading your post, so now i know you have 2 blues in your closet, maybe you can go for the violet (such a gorgeous colour) or the anthra (so versatile it can match a great part of your closet), both great colours too!


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
^^ it WOULD wouldn't it?? :nuts: i just LOVE the rouge theatre RED...!! i'm hesitating to wait for the '08 vermillon because i'm afraid it might end up looking more orangey... :s


Mar 28, 2007
A red first would be amazing, but which red? I mean, do you want a true red or a more orange red? Because the swatch of Vermillion reminds me of the 07 spring vermillion which has more orange to it. If you want a true red, what about the F/W07 Tomato? There are definitely some still available in stores and also one on ebay for less than retail.


Sep 4, 2007
Wow, some tough choices there! I would pick Violet. I may be biased cos I already have a Violet First, but for an all-season (everyday?) bag, you can't go wrong with a darker shade that's lower maintenance. Violet is bright enough for a bright pop of color, yet subtle enough for an everyday bag, and so easy to dress down or dress up with.

Ink and Anthracite will be gorgy too, but don't provide that fun burst of color.

Red is bright and loud, but what about the days that you need to have an overall neutral look?

Sounds like you really like Violet, so hunt around! You may be lucky :smile:


Saved by grace
Mar 19, 2007
Barrow, Alaska
Hmm- I'd go with BLACK or a Taupe-ish color.... I love violet and agree it's very versatile but if I had a choice- I'd go with an 05 black first. :heart: dreamy!


Sofa King Blonde!
Feb 4, 2007
I've opted for anthracite seeing as you were looking to use it more of an evening type bag.

addicted ali

Your Honour, a Bbag!
Sep 8, 2006
Middle Earth!
for the First, i prefer it in the lighter/brighter colors... so from your list, its down to the violet, rouille and the 08 coral red... from the pics of the 08 coral red, i dont like it, just not me and this is coming from someone who loves reds! why not try hunting a RT or tomato? i have a tomato city and its absolutely gorgeous red! the RT is stunning also it would be like the violet which you describe as pop out on the right occassion and blend in when it needs to be... as for the rouille, it is "wow"! if you want a great pop, then rouille is gorgeous BUT (yup, theres but!) i dont like rouille in the First, i would prefer rouille twiggy, something about the rouille that i think just dont suit the first style?

so my answer is either violet First or hunt down a past red first... or if you really do love the 08 red and willing to wait then go for it! being a violet owner though, i think its gorgeous and versatile but still provides you with color at the same time! Good luck!

p.s. sorry if i'm no help!


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
wow...!! everyone's echoing my thoughts! thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and find out what i really want, girls..! :flowers:

i would LOVE the Rouge theatre...!!! judging from the pics, i think that's my idea of the PERFECT red...! but would i be able to get it bnwt anywhere? :shrugs:

WOW i'm getting excited now..! :yahoo:RT FIRST...!! that is, if i don't find a violet...;)


Need Sunny Days
Jul 4, 2007
Gorgeous California!
Hi , I think Violet First or Black First. I have a Violet First and wear it all the time. I don't know how easy it would be to find an Anthracite or Ink First, brand new anyway.
I did speak to my SA Lillian at Palm Beach Neimans and I think she has one Violet First left.
let us know what you get!
Jan 29, 2006
i voted for violet just because the color is so's gorgeous in any size really and the leather on violets are really pretty and soft.

I have a ink city and it's probably one of the most versatile bags I own right now. I use it more than anything and it goes well with everything from business to casual and everything in between...I was lucky enough to find an ink that was a nice inky/purple blue in the right light....goodluck with your search.