First Ferragamo purse: REVEAL!!

  1. I'm so excited to join the Ferragamo purse forum! I've wanted one for awhile...three days ago, I bought an adorable Ferragamo hunter green wristlet in the boutique in the Natick Mall, MA. I would take it out and admire it but thought about how infrequently I actually use wristlets. I kept thinking about this cute little crossbody purse the (very sweet!) SA showed me -- it was a sale item that they had left in the back....

    So yesterday I went back and exchanged the wristlet for the purse, which was more money, of course, but not too bad.

    It's a pretty mushroom grey color with a long gold chain and the sweetest lining....If anyone knows the style name for this little bag, I would love to know it! :smile:

    Thank you for letting me share this with you!
    Ferragamo bag.jpg dustbag.jpg full purse shot w chain in windowsill.jpg inside lining of purse.jpg close up of color.jpg back of purse.jpg close up of gold hardware.jpg
  2. What a pretty bag, love the hardware details.
  3. Congrats. The grey looks great with the gold hardware
  4. lovely bag! love the grey!
  5. Lovely!
  6. Nice!!
  7. Thank you so much, folks!! I took her out shopping yesterday for the first time and this purse was perfect. :smile: :smile: Holds quite a bit more than I imagined it would! :smile:
  8. Its so cute! Congrats!:smile:
  9. This is in the "W" collection. This is the second issue of the "W" collection, sometimes called the "soft W."
  10. It's just lovely!! How about some mod shots? :smile:

    E x
  11. Love it! The color is really beautiful and showcases the hardware in a lovely way. Congrats!
  12. Love this!
  13. Gray is the perfect colour for this style! congrats on the new purse! :smile:
  14. Grey with gold hardware is hard to come by. It's really pretty & special. Enjoy your beautiful purse!