First fake remark. I was left speechless!

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  1. I'm carrying Trevi GM today.

    I was walking into a nearby office building (where I get my morning coffee). I held the door open for the lady behind me. She exclaimed "Oh i love your bag!!!!". I smiled, said thanks, and kept walking. She said "i used to have a bag in that pattern but it was shaped different. then it broke. one of the clasps came undone. I should have know better than to buy a KNOCK OFF!!!!" then she laughed and i turned to go into the coffee place.

    I really don't care if she thinks my bag is fake since I know it's real. I guess I just can't believe the things that come out of people's mouths sometimes! If I compliment someone - whether it's their bag or shoes or lipgloss or perfume or whatever - i leave it at a compliment. I don't add anything, I don't try to take away from the compliment i just gave.

    lol could you imagine?! "I like your shoes. I had the same ones but my cross dressing ex husband stole them from me". :P
    (example above is for illustrative purposes only. my husband is still my husband and he is not a cross-dressser...not that there's anything wrong with that!)
  2. :roflmfao: i just cracked up on that husband story.. but anyway...that lady is just plain JEALOUS!!
  3. It sounds like she regrets buying a fake (which she should, don't get me started!!) and really was admiring your lovely Trevi. Some people just don't know when to keep their mouths closed. I might be one of those. Kettle, pot.
    Your hubby example made me LOL!
  4. Dawn, I don't think she thought yours was a fakie, I think she regretted her own purchase and was scolding herself. I would love to see pics of your Trevi--that bag is soooo pretty!

    Oh, and it is soooo awesome that your DH and you wear the same size shoe...that really expands a lady's wardrobe! Just jokin!!!
  5. LOL!!!! :roflmfao:

    Here are some pics:
    On the way to a work conference:

    Brand new Trevi!

    Size comparison to Speedy 30:

    Compared to Galliera PM:
  6. Dawn - your Trevi is beautiful! Everytime, I look at your pics in the Clubhouse, I think about the Trevi GM that I left behind when I bought my PM. So sad...I hope it has found a nice home...

    It sounded as if that lady was referring to herself but I get what you meant. Some people just don't know how to give a compliment.
  7. That trevi of yours is extremely gorgeous...and yep I think she was just trying to start a conversation but probably not done with tact.
  8. She certainly is a beauty! Thanks for the photo side by side with Speedy 30. I was curious.:tup:
  9. I'm speechless... why do people say something like that strange person did??!

    btw:I love your Trevi! Wish I could own one, too!
  10. i would of said "Thats one of the many reasons why I would never buy a fake"

    beautiful trevi :smile:
  11. you're trevi is a beauty! thanks for comparing it to galliera i know its size!
  12. lol, that is a good one! i just didn't know what to say. i thought that anything i said would have sounded bad. lol.
  13. I agree that she may not have been calling your bag a fake, but either way, she should have stopped at 'i love your bag'. Who even admits to buying fakes anyway, yuk!

    Your bag is beautiful, I cant believe the galliera PM is almost the same size. WOW. Makes me want to buy both!:nuts:
  14. Hiya Dawn!!! :queen: Silly co-worker of yours....your bag is beautiful! I think she was probably either doing 1) complimenting your smart taste of buying an authentic bag, because Lord knows, she could tell the difference between your bag and her broken fake or 2) she was feeling you out to see what you'd say like "oh this isn't real..." or something dorky like that....

    You rock that bag girl! :heart::yes:
  15. hehe, yeah, i could have misinterpreted her remark. maybe she was just an over-sharer. ;)
    thanks - yep, they are not that much different in size. trevi FEELS biggger and is heavier, but it's less scary seeing it up against the smaller galliera! :yes: