First ever PS!


Sep 19, 2012
Hello ladies!

I'm a bit shy, as this is my foray into your forum - I'm an English Mulberry fan through and through and PS is practically unknown to me ... ☺️ Tbh, I've never even seen any PS in my rural area of the UK so it was a bit of a bolt from the blue when I saw this little lady on sale in Selfridges in Birmingham last week. I was with a friend who doesn't "get" bags so I walked away but then phoned the store first thing on Saturday. She arrived on Tuesday and here she is.

I'm aware that she's not exactly a classic leather or colour but, as most of my Mulberry bags are oak, chocolate or black, I thought a pop of colour wouldn't go amiss. I'm really drawn to the PS1 medium, in classic leather or suede, but this will work for me as my first purchase (and she was an amazing price!)

Please give a kind welcome to Miss PS11 Mini Classic in copper metallic leather ...


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