First Ever Pair of Chanel shoes

Long story: I've never had luck with any type of dress shoes. My feet are tiny and wide, with a high instep. Dr. Marten's fit great, as do uggs, flipflops, etc. But heels? They always were much too long by the time I got the necessary width and/or they squashed my toes mercilessly. I'd given up since a too-large shoe flapping on my foot doesn't exactly go with a nice dress-up outfit, and the only things I'd seen for small/wide options looked too stodgy and grandma-like (not to insult any fashionista grannys out there) and I just couldn't go there.

SO.... the other day I was in Saks to ogle a bag I couldn't afford just to drool over the blue (MJ stardust stam) and I wandered through the shoe department. I stopped to admire the Chanel shoes since they're on my wish list (along with a "someday" bag and jacket). I was chatting with the SA and she said "oh, just try them on". I warned her about my funky size issues, but she thought the pair I was looking at would work. She said the smallest they had was a 36 but that they ran small so it should even out.

I couldn't believe it! When I tried them on they fit! But it's a seriously major purchase for me so I left them there to think on them for a day.

And of course, I went back the next day and got them (along with another pair of non-Chanel shoes that also stunned me by fitting) or else I'd not be writing this :biggrin:

When I brought them home, I handled them like glass the first day - I was intimidated by the price and spooked I might somehow mess them up. Has anyone else just been paranoid at first with a major buy or am I just a dork?

Since they're 4 inch heels I've been working on walking gracefully in them around the house, and also breaking them in. The left one is comfy and I can wiggle my toes in the toebox, but the right one is still snug. Does anyone know if Sak's offers a stretching service? I might take that one in since that would probably help with feeling more sure-footed while walking in them.

I picked them because I was looking for something classic but not boring: something for when I needed a really nice dressy shoe. I like that these have a tiny Chanel logo so it doesn't scream, plus they have bows, but not big over-the-top bows (which I love but would limit the use). I think the lambskin will hold up to wear over time and I love the twist (literally) of the shiny heel; it keeps it from being too plain. The SA said the platform will keep them from killing my feet, comfort-wise and I like the way it's hidden in the design.

My previous lone pair of "omg I need something other than boots or sandals" was a pair of Steve Madden strappy platform sandals from 1998. The last time I wore them I had to plan ahead and glue the fabric strips back together since they were starting to come apart. I figure the Chanels should last me the rest of my life!

Anyway... here they are:



Nov 18, 2006
Love your new shoes and it's great that you have found a pair of classy Chanels, which really fit the bill. Like you, I'm always petrified after spending a large sum of money on a new item of it getting spoiled and I even leave some items in their boxes for months before I dare to take them out! But go for it! Since these lovely shoes fit, wear them often and enjoy your new purchase. Don't leave them in the box!
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