First Ever GOYARD Reveal on tpf!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one, Anna, since we don't see it very often. I love the colors you've collected!
  2. the new one looks like a smaller version of the Urbain (on my wishlist). Congratulations!
  3. It is a smaller version of the Urbain! I know the Urbain as the Grand Bleu MM- and then there is a larger version, the Grand Bleu GM which has two closing straps.

    I love the Urbain, but it's not big enough to fit a laptop :sad: A netbook would fit, I suppose...
  4. I see. I didn't know the Urbain was called the Grand Bleu ^^ if you happen to have pics of the Grand Bleu GM I'd be very thankful! Sounds like a rectangular messenger. Someone should order a Goyard messenger big enough for laptops, that would be so cool
  5. Nice Goyard family!
  6. Oh, lovely! What a beauty!
  7. Love all the colors!!! :tup: Thanks for the first Goyard tPF reveal!!!!
  8. Anna, LOVE all your posts! I'm so Goyard-envious of you! HAHA! Congrats on the cute bag! The color is great too! Keep taking all those bag pics!
  9. OMG, it's really cute! Love the color, great choice!

    Congrats and enjoy!
  10. annalcg your Goyard collection is the cutest and most sophisticated in colour and selection I have seen. I have 4. Three St. Louis in yellow, black and brown (also an Ambassade) and my most favourite in Bleu Ciel which is monogrammed and has racing stripes. The extras didnt work so well for me, it started chipping within the month, but i love it still. I really like your choices, they are classic!
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I'm so glad that everyone likes the photos and the new little baby- next to come is something in *yellow*... hopefully for my birthday. My fingers are metaphorically crossed right now since I'm typing.

    I literally carry the new bunchkin (that's the Grand Bleu PM- sorry, I call this bag by funny little names) all the time when I'm not using my Fidji or St. Louis for books. My other bags are just in their dust bags, patient, but I'm sure they are OK with it.

    rdelac- your collection sounds quite super! You should post photos of them, especially your brown pieces as I have recently learned from another tpfer that brown is being/has been discontinued. I'd love to see them.
  12. Nice Goyard family! :tup:
  13. gorgeous collection!:smile:
  14. Very nice, Anna. LOVE the messenger....
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