First Ever GOYARD Reveal on tpf!

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  1. i love the green tote and purple color
  2. Thanks so much, PsychoBagLady! I will post the photos in the Goyard Reference thread of this little baby, then of my other Goyards once I get them to model by themselves!

    Please do! I'd love to see your new piece of hand-painted fabulosity... ah, Goyard Paris; one day I must go! :love:
  3. wow! i love the colour!!! and your pictures are amazing too! :smile:
    what camera did you use? :smile: hehe.
  4. ^ Thanks, theknees! I used a Nikon D40.
  5. Beautiful red bag and btw, you have a lovely colourful Goyard family!
  6. hello hello anna! 'tis me daviiidddd. love it. come back to durham to play and show me your purchase in personnn. good old duke is killingg me. i could use some fashion entertainment.
  7. Such beautiful bags.
    Can't wait to see the modeling pics.
  8. Beautiful
  9. Supercute bag, I haven't seen that Goyard. And great colors!
  10. As promised, here is a fairly informal mod pic- I apologize for the quality as the dormitory mirror is slightly warped.

  11. It looks great!

    Maybe we need a thread to show people modelling their Goyards (anything to help on the quest for a sub-forum, eh?).
  12. How cute! That's a perfect cross-body bag! Congrats!

    Do you use any purseket or chameleon insert for your St Louis tote?
  13. This is one of the cutest reveals I've seen! Congrats on the new bag- it's a lovely color :smile:
  14. Purseket? Chameleon insert? I don't use them, nor am I familiar with what they actually are... do tell me more ;)
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