First Ever GOYARD Reveal on tpf!

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  1. She's hanging out; it's what all the cool Goyard Grand Bleu PMs do ;)

  2. I love it! You must be so happy with it. :smile:
  3. specs and mod pics? :flowers:
  4. BEAUTIFUL! :] Congrats!
  5. cute!!
  6. Very cool congrats on your beautiful Goyard!!
  7. Very nice !! Love the color and the initials too! modeling pics please :P
  8. Thank you all! I adore this mini Goyard.

    6 inches W, 6.75 inches H, 2.5 inches depth, strap drop is adjustable 18- 21 inches
  9. And because I love romping about on Columbia's campus photographing bags, here's another bitty treat for all your Goyard cuties!

    She's the baby of the family (my wallets are not pictured)

  10. I love the size of it! It's a small bag, but not tiny! Perfect.
  11. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:Love the color!
  12. And one more!

    It's all in the family :cloud9: A super conclusion to a tough day of modeling for the Goyards... not to mention that kneeling in the dirt muddied up my cream tights! But it was quite worth it, especially because of the all the strange looks I got from passersby.

  13. Ahh! Such a cute photo! Just like a mother protecting her babies, haha.
  14. I love this purse porn.......
  15. that's awesome! great collection btw