First Ever GOYARD Reveal on tpf!

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  1. My new bag came in today! :P

    Is anyone here? I know Saturday night isn't the most super time to do a reveal...
  2. Do it! Do it!
  3. Uhhh! Why is my post above yours?!
  4. cant wait to see what you got!

    ^ lol im glad you mentioned it...I was momentarily confused by it.
  5. The pictures are uploading... coming soon
  6. Go, go, go!!! I wanna see! :nuts:
  7. Looking forward to this reveal! :smile:
  8. #8 Nov 7, 2009
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2009
    Sorry all... my computer is a wee bit ill and was being a bit spazzy.

    Here's the first :smile:

  9. Go Anna gooooo!!!!!!!
  10. noo!! i can't see the picture?! WHY OH WHY!?!
  11. I can't see it either
  12. Oh disappointment! Let's see if this works...

  13. Anna I saw the first then it disappeared... hum... Try to attach it as well :tup:
  14. That one didn't work either! =[ Try uploading the photo to a different server?
  15. I do apologize! My computer died again. How's this?

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