First ever Chloe bag. Need help on Paraty Color!

  1. Hi all,

    This will be my very first ever Chloe bag. I've narrowed it down to , Dove, Tan, and Rock. Which color do you think I should get? :smile:
    also I'm petite 5'2 do you think the medium fit me? any pic would be great. TIA!
  2. Medium is a perfect size. All the colors you mentioned are beautiful! Look at your closet, what colors you wear, your coats, etc. & then decide which color you like best. Dove is beautiful, but light. I heard Rock is nice, kind of a grey/brown chameleon color. I have caramel, which is similar to tan - caramel is an orangy cognac warm neutral. I really love it. Mine goes with everything. Good luck & let us know what you end up with!
  3. thanks so much
  4. the medium is a really fantastic size, and i'd go with either rock or tan!
  5. Completely agree with Beachgiirl. Medium will fit perfectly - not a "big" or "small" bag - it is a true medium and not heavy and definitely not awkward to carry.

    All the colors you mention - Dove, Tan and Rock - are perfect, classic colors. The Tan is a warm, with slight orange tones, medium-tone color. As Beachgirl notes, it is very similar to Caramel. the Rock is a dark grey/brown, definitely a cooler-tone bag. The Dove is a light-to-medium beige - sort of a cafe au lait color - not super pale, but much lighter than the Tan and Rock. Dove is a cool-tone color, a light neutral Taupe. I guess it would make sense to get the color that works best with your current wardrobe. Good luck!! I think all three colors are equally beautiful in their own way!
  6. I love the Dove, it looks really spring and light. However, personally i am scared of light color. From these 3 choices, i probably will go for Rock because i have too many camel/tan color bag!! I am sure whatever color you choose, you will love it!!!!
  7. I just order the Dove. Can't wait to get it! Thanks so much ladies :smile:
  8. Ooooh I saw Dove in Saks. Soooo beautiful. Show us pics when you get it?
  9. Thanks for all your inputs beachgirl. I just post the reveal photo. I'll try to take some modeling pics soon :smile: