first ever chanel recommendations

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which bag?

Poll closed Feb 18, 2019.
  1. classic handbag

  2. boy bag

  3. flap bag

  4. waist bag

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  1. hi all, i'm getting my first chanel on Thursday!!

    i'm a little eclectic with my taste, i like more 'boyish' bags but i'm not sure if i want a Boy bag, and I don't know if the classic flap is my style - i'm not that girly.
    price isn't really an issue, it's a gift.

    i'll also be shopping in London so please let me know if Harrods or Selfridges would have a better selection, or even a standalone store.

    ty in advance :smile:

    some ideas:
  2. From what you described, seems like the boy will actually suit your best (the classic flap is quite girly and more difficult to wear if you don’t have a feminine style).

    Have you tried the Gabrielle?

    For your first Chanel, I would recommend picking a more classic design and colour which is more wearable (rather than something crazy) - this way you will get the most wear and joy of your bag and if you prefer edgy looks, you can always get this from clothes etc
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  3. Classic, quilted flap. I've ended up selling (at a loss) everything else over the years except for my classics. Try the boy bag in the store. It's a bag I've always admired from afar on other people. But it's way to boxy and sticks out under my arm too much for me.
  4. The classic bag is the perfect n safest first Chanel :smile:. I’d imagine getting it in black silver hw, matched with jeans and leather jacket... that’ll look edgy more than girly :biggrin:

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  5. Are you considering the 2.55 bag ( reissue)?
    It is a classic and timeless bag and not too girly. It‘s on my wish list ( black aged calf skin/ ruthenium hardware ).
    I‘m not into the Boy Bag too. The chains are too bulky.
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  6. I bought my first Chanel- le Boy. The classic flap can't be worn across body, which I wear most my handbags that way. Also, M/L Flap can't fit as much as le boy old medium. I wear dresses daily, and I think le boy can be dressy and casual. I just hope the le boy will maintain the vaule as classic flap.
  7. I personally like the classic. I have spent a good amount of time at the boutique looking at their classic pieces and the boy is too bulky. I think the chain, although not extremely heavy, would become an annoyance over time. Too thick, too noisy when you put the bag down, and the boy is bulky for me. But personal taste.
  8. @OP, what did you end up getting?