First Etoupe Birkin, Then What?


What's Good for a Second Hermes Bag?

  1. Wait for my iconic black kelly

  2. Get this gold kelly before it disappears tomorrow

  3. Save, save, save (for god knows how long) for a black croc kelly

  4. Something else ALTOGETHER

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  1. Hi People,

    First off, I just want to say that I really enjoy being a part of this forum. The people here are really knowledgeable and friendly, and I've learned so much just looking, seeing, and interacting with you online. Even though we've never met in person. In fact, I've learned more from you about H bags than from my fashion crazy obsessed girlfriends, or even Hermes SAs.

    So, I'd like to solicit your inputs here. Previously, I purchased an etoupe 30 birkin for my first Hermes handbag. I love its neutral color and versatility, but now I'm itching for a kelly. I've tried on the 28, 32, and 35 kellys and know that 32 is the size best for me. I really want an iconic black kelly for nights out and also to important meetings and appointments. Black dress, black suit with white pearls. Or sometimes just carry it with my jeans and Chanel blazer. But so far no such luck getting it from the stores or getting on the waitlist. Black box scares me a little because I'm a clumsy girl. I'm afraid a brand new black box with me would turn "vintage" in one month.

    Today, I came across a gold sellier kelly, and it's TDF. I mean, it literally took my breath away. Now, I don't know what I want anymore.

    Should I wait for my iconic black kelly?
    Should I just take this TDF gold kelly since it's so easy to wear with everything and so highly coveted?
    Or should I just hold off and save, save, save for a black croc kelly?
    Or do you have any other suggestions?

  2. I'd say wait for the black kelly (or croc kelly)
  3. The gold Kelly took your breath away. Need I say more?
  4. I say wait for your iconic black kelly! As much as I love crocs, I really don't think saving up for a croc one would be ideal for "nights out." Just think what might happen if a cocktail goes astray... Please don't flame me but I just think that you might be better off w/ a non-exotic, especially if you know that you're a bit clumsy.

    Good luck w/ whatever you decide. I'm sure it will be divine!

    PS. I hear box is quite hardy. Maybe some other box owners/lovers can chime in.
  5. Black Kelly (in Box) since you want it for both dressy and casual. And it would be a classic that would last you ages. Though Gold is also a must have for H. What size is this Sellier? I much prefer Sellier in 28cm.
  6. Are you 'allowed' to get both the black and gold Kellys? :graucho:
    You could purchase the gold one now and patiently hold out for your black box!
    I'd love to have both!
  7. I agree!! I've got a 28 Kelly, and now I'm on the prowl for another one!
  8. Is the Kelly at SCP?

    Also, pardon my ignorance, but what is Sellier? I've been wondering.:s
  9. ^ It's the rigid version (I think...)
  10. Sellier means outside stitching for the Kelly. It used to be known as Rigide. And it has a formal stiffer look (sharper corners). The opposite would be Rotourne - inside stitch, which is softer in appearance. HTH.
  11. scribbles notes*

    Thanks so much for the help! You guys are so nice and helpful! :love:
  12. GL ~ For Me ~ Since You Have The Etoupe....I Would Say Wait For Iconic Black Kelly ~ It Will Show Up:yes:

    But, It Sounds Like You Have Fell In Love With The Gold....That's Why I Voted For Gold!!!:yahoo:
  13. You Are So Nice ocmommy!!!!:heart:
  14. I say wait for the black Kelly. This is making two big assumptions 1) You can't afford two Kelly's in one month and 2) immediately after you purchase the Gold Kelly, a black one will become available.

    But if you can afford it, why not get the gold and the black? You could get the black in retourne for a different look...
  15. Hi OCmommy, I'm on the brink of making a decision tonight. Yes, I went over to SCP today and couldn't believe it was on the stands! I almost passed out. It's beautiful. If I stick to my plan of getting a black kelly (either in box or croc), and release it tomorrow, I do hope you can take a look and if you want, I'd rather have a fellow tpf member buy it because I know how members appreciate Hermes. Needless to say, gold is such a pretty, neutral color on a kelly. But I already have a neutral etoupe color for my birkin. So.....