First Epi!

  1. :yahoo: Ok, ladies & gentlemen! I took the plunge! I got a Segur PM in the stunning myrtille. I just LOVE this bag, I can't stop looking at it! The kisslock is just so cute! My photos don't really do the color justice, but at least you get pics!

    Now... I need some input--should I get a blue epi wallet or a MC mono wallet? The MC mono is just so "happy" and would coordinate with a lot. But the epi blue is getting harder to find and would probably be more durable. Thoughts?
    DSCN1094.JPG DSCN1095.JPG
  2. OoH!! Congratulations!! I :heart: that bag!! Can't wait till I get actually get one myself! It looks SPECTACULAR!! :yahoo:
    I'll have to :drool: over yours in the meantime!! :roflmfao:
  3. Wow, that color is stunning! Congrats, that bag looks sooo beautiful!! I think you should get the blue epi wallet.
  4. i'm going to buy a mono wallet, becuase its a LV classic hence will go with just about everything :smile: i love your bag too btw :smile:
  5. LOVE the bag... congrats..

    IMO i would get an epi blue. it will soon be discontinued and the mono will always be there. plus i think the epi has somethign slighly snazzy about it than the mono..

    either way youll enjoy the purcahse.
  6. :nuts: Congrats!!! It's stunning!!! How about modelling it?:graucho: I'll get the Epi wallet:yes:
  7. I love it! I´m getting a myrtille speedy next month, love the colour. Gongratulations!!
  8. lovely!! yummeee myrtille sooo fab! congrats!
  9. WOW! Stunning bag, I love the Myrtille on the Segur.
  10. HOT!! that is my favorite epi color
  11. Congrats! : )
  12. I love the bag, my friend has that one as well in the same colour. Great minds think alike ;)

    I think you should complete it with an epi wallet :yes:
  13. Congrats Wicked! the color.:love:
  14. :drool:
    all shades of blue are my fav colour!!! 0o0o0o so yummy! :love:
  15. Beautiful color, congrats!!!
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