First Empreinte Wallet. Is this normal?

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  1. Hello everyone! I received my Mother's Day gift early from my husband tonight: a compact curieuse wallet. This is my first empreinte item so i'm not sure if this is normal? The made in stamp isn't complete/letters are rubbed off. Should I exchange it? Or will this eventually happen over time even with a nicer stamped wallet?


  2. This will happen over time but shouldn't be on something brand new. Exchange it if it bothers you. It would be bother me since its brand new. And congrats on a lovely item!
  3. I've had my Curieuse Wallet since 2013 and the heat stamp still looks great. I'd exchange it if I were you.

  4. Thank you :smile: yeah it honestly does bother me. I know not everything can be perfect but for the $ spent i'd like the wear and tear to be from me haha

    Thanks for your reply. And Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Thanks for your response. I will be heading to the boutique tomorrow. My husband bought it online so he wasn't able to inspect it beforehand. How do you like your wallet still?

  6. I love it, it's definitely one of my favorite wallets! The leather feels a lot softer now, but it still looks new. It's currently on "vacation"; I'm giving it a much deserved break. Enjoy, I think you'll LVoe it! [emoji4]
  7. I have the same wallet since september 2013 in the color earth ( Dark brown ) and i have been using it since. The only time i don't use it is when i go on holiday where i need bigger wallet to put my passport in. And here is my stamp. You will love this wallet x
  8. At one time I had the compact Curieuse and even made a thread referring to my wallet being "entranced" or something to that effect. It was brand new. I sold it a long while back--not because of the stamp, just wasn't useful at the time.

  9. It is so soft. I love that it has many compartments and not just credit card slots. I've been using the zippy compact wallet nonstop but i don't use all the cc slots and i need room for receipts/lists and stuff. Unfortunately I have the zcw in damier azur and i'm paranoid about ink transfers from the receipts so i'm looking forward to getting the curieuse exchanged so i can start using it.
  10. I also have a Compact Curieuse in Terre which I bought 2 years ago and the heat stamp still looks clear.

  12. Has the CC slots stretched much? Is your other wallet a canvas? I'm just worried the Empriente leather won't wear as well.

  13. I only put one card in each slot so it doesn't stretched much. Is just stretched to the point where it is comfortable to take the card in and out.
    My travel wallet isn't from LV , just a cheap one from ripcurl so i can't comment about the LV canvas wallet in the long run, sorry. Good luck x
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