First Edition Ediths

  1. Hi everyone! I am still learning about the Chloe brand so any help is much appreciated. I have been reading up and saw some threads mentioning that first year releases of a handbag are always the best. can someone tell me why that is? i always thought versions that come out years later would be better since they would make improvements. For example, the paddington is now lighter than it's original released version.

  2. hmmmm....I dont agree the Paddington is lighter now. I have had one from every season and have not noticed any difference.
  3. My first edition Marc Jacobs Stella bag was horrible, then improvements were made the following seasons and it is much better. For Edith I hope the outside buckle gets a magnetic closure because I wouldn't buy it the way it is now....owners say it is a pain to get in and out of.
  4. I have a whiskey Edith and the leather is yummy. It is pebbled and scrumply at the same time. I wonder if they will keep the same quality leather or not?

    Regarding the front pocket, it is more of a decoration piece for me. If I am carrying something that I don't need a lot that day I'll place it in there. Otherwise it's just there to look pretty. If you don't mind not using it then it's no biggie.

    Kinda like the padlock. Does it really have a function? nope! It's just to look pretty.
  5. I thought they made the locks lighter... did they?