First Edith Compliment

  1. I'm a physical therapist and use my Edith to carry my laptop and other PT essentials. So I was so shocked when this lady started oohing and aahing at how beautiful my bag was. I hate to say it - although I love my Edith I never thought of the old girl as a serious looker. She's really just my workhorse and boy is she great for toting everything. How many off the cuff Edith compliments have you guys received. It took me totally by surprise.
  2. pursecrazy you must post pics of your looker Edith!! Great to hear the old gal is turning heads - that must be fun! :biggrin:

    -0- compliments so far for me, but I live in NoWheresVille and have only toted Edith a few times to get a feel for it. The only Chloe I've received a compliment on so far was my hobo and that was at the leather shop!
  3. Do you have the larger size, or a smaller laptop? The only comment I have had on mine was that it looks very "Sherlock Holmesian"...since I am an English prof, that worked for me!
  4. Isn't that a great feeling when someone admires your great taste in bags? Congrats!
  5. I have a very small tablet PC - I use the outer pocket for the AC adapter and that works really well.
  6. Hey! Finally someone who actually uses the front pocket!!!
  7. I got a compliment this past weekend while carrying my edith (unfortunately in the rain). It was one of those drive-bys. Edith recovered nicely after I brought her home and toasted her in a warm blankie.
  8. ^^ Awwww! A drive-by raining? LOL! Mine got sprinkled on and you would never even know. I am liking it more now, although I have not carried it much. But I think it is a great teacher's bag! Even if it IS supposed to be a handbag and not a briefcase bag.
  9. It is so nice to hear how all of you are enjoying your Edith. Recently I've heard some comments on this forum from some gals who say that they think the Edith is ugly, how they're so disappointed with it and some have even returned their bags.

    I just want to say that I LOVE mine! I use it during the day as a handbag--shopping, running errands etc., and it is perfect for me. It makes me feel good. I love the look, the feel, and it will only look better over time. Thank you, Chloe!! So I don't really care if anybody else doesn't like. It makes me happy. :love:
  10. I agree that Edith is only going to look better with time. Ten years from now she will be in her prime, and people will kick themselves for sending theirs back! What color did you get?
  11. I got the whiskey. I just love it so much...I'm so glad you guys share that with me. :love:
  12. I think most Chloe girls are brave, forward thinking girls!

    Brave enough to take a chance on a bag that is ahead of its time! :smile:
  13. Thank you for that comment!:love:
  14. No problem Ivette, it's just the truth as I see it! :smile:
  15. Do any of you gals know who will be replacing Phoebe Philo at Chloe?