first ebay purchase...problems

  1. ok, so i may be over reacting but over a week ago i won a vintage liberty silk scarf on eBay and it was my first purchase. i made the payment through paypall straight away and iv conntacted the seller but i havent heard anything from her and im starting to worry a little.
    what should i do?

    also, her feedback all says super fast delivery and things like that.
  2. Hi: I don't blame you for being a little worried..but don't panic. Stuff happens. First how did you contact the seller? I sell a alot on eBay and last week a buyer sent me an email. I answered and she sent the same question the next day not realizing my answer was in her email box..not on eBay.

    Second: You can call the seller. Just type in contact seller by phone in help and they give instructions..very easy. You do it from my eBay.

    Third: Most eBay transactions are fine..however you are always safest funding your payment with a credit card through Pay Pal. Your credit card will protect you from loss. NEVER pay with a bank account.
  3. iv sent her an email checking everything was ok.
    also i wanted to reasure her that i was serious since i have no feedback, i know some people worry about new buyers.
    11 days is a long time though, isnt it?
  4. 11 days is a long time to wait, especially since you haven't received contact, if you paid via paypal, the seller has to ship within 7 days in order to meet the seller protection requirements.

    I agree with cssaunt, try giving the seller a call, if you still don't receive any answer or tracking information then file an Item Not Received claim with paypal and Ebay.
  5. thank you so much ladies. i will contact the seller again first thing tomorrow and then if i dont here anything ill file a claim. should i let her know that i am going to file a claim?
  6. well if she's non-responsive after a phone call, send her an email saying that you are filing a claim due to non-receipt of item and that should be the last time you contact her outside of the claim area in paypal.
  7. And don't worry - you have up to 45 days to file a claim, so there is no rush. Plus if you paid by credit card you can file a charge back usually up to 60 days after the transaction.

    99 times out of a 100 it is either the seller being slow to ship, or the USPS being slow to deliver. However, a good seller (imho) would have sent you a tracking number once they had shipped, so you at least know that your item is on its way. I do this with all transaction - even low value ones.
  8. just like the others have said, make sure you pay with credit ALL THE TIME on ebay. in this case, you've already paid, but in the future be sure to pay with credit. I have paid with debit/atm a couple of times for smalll items (under $50) and luckily i had no problems those few times.. then, i purchased a $300 item and had lots of problems- received it late and it ended up being a fake cell phone (i know, impossible to believe.. but asia is getting good). luckily with creedit, i was able to get all my money back after a long process.

    but definitely contact the seller and if they dont contact you back, file an item not received. paypal and ebay aren't the quickest when it comes to helping you with problems, but they can be pretty helpful in getting your money back or helping you solve your problems.

    Good luck!
  9. One other thing -- check where your seller is. If she's somewhere further away, it may just be in transit. I had a recent purchase that took over a month to reach me in California from the Netherlands. I could see from the postmark that it was all time in the mail. I've also been waiting for 10 days now for a bag purchased from a regular US store, not even on eBay, so it may also be a shipping delay. I'd try a couple more times to make contact before filing the claim, since as dcgal says, you have some time.
  10. Oh, and I forgot - before calling, I would try using the "send seller a message" or "ask seller a question feature and specifically asking for the tracking number or shipping information (rather than just "is everything OK". I have very good luck with just a friendly, "Hi, haven't gotten the item yet, just wanted to check in and see if you're aware of any delays in shipping. Do you have a tracking number so that we can look into it and make sure it's not lost along the way?" or something to that effect. Since you're relatively new, it's better to be friendly and polite while you're trying to build up your feedback.

    I buy hundreds of items a year on eBay, and I really very rarely have a problem, so don't give up hope yet!!
  11. thank you again ladies.
    iv conntacted the seller after she was unresponsive to my emails and she claims she has sent it out today and it should arrive tomorrow or friday, she lives in the UK also.