First Ebay Gucci- seeing green!

  1. I generally don't like to buy things from Ebay anymore, but this Gucci bag caught my eye! The seller was great and had perfect feedback. I'm sure it's authentic. I should receive her early next week. I thought this would be a fun edition to my collection. Hoping to wear it with suits etc. Anyway, here she is....
    DSC00210 (10) copy.jpg 1144080504596_DSC06470.JPG
  2. gorgeous colour! I love dark green.:rolleyes:
  3. That is gorgeous. I looove the colour.
  4. i luv the colour
  5. I'm not much of a green person, but thought this might be fun to spice up blacks and browns. I can't wait to get her!!!
  6. imgg - You got a great bag. I had been watching that bag myself and decided to continue saving for an 85th Anniversary in case I don't get it for Xmas.

    I love this bag. It's a gorgeous green. I'm glad a pfer got it. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. You were watching the same bag? :nuts: What 85th bag are you saving up for?

    Yeah, the color looks pretty....the seller told me it's much more subtle in person. I can't wait to receive it!!:yahoo:
  8. Love this shade of green! :smile:
  9. its beautiful. congrats!