first - does anyone use the shoulder strap or just the handles

  1. as above - i like using the shoulder strap on my twiggy but i was wondering about my new seafoam baby ... its a first so i was wondering if anyone uses the shoulder strap - or does that look odd? Its in transit so i cant try it out yet. thank you! :heart:
  2. I use my shoulder strap - especially in crowds when I'm on public transit. I just feel as if I can keep it closer to my body that way, whereas if i had it on my arm someone would come by and grab it. Hope this helps ;)
  3. I use both.
  4. brilliant! glad to know its versatile.
  5. I always use my strap. I love the way the first my opinion it's the most attractive style when using the strap....probably due to it being smaller.

    BUT, I admit I am one of those who trys to not use my handles as much as possible. I also like to carry in the crook of my arm.. I want to stretch out the newness for as long as I can. LOL!
  6. yeah - i use the crook of my arm for my Speedy ... i dont like holding it in my hands.
  7. I totally agree that the First is the style that looks best on the strap. All the other bags get that weird bend in them when hanging from the strap. That drives me crazy about my city! But the first is perfect on the strap or by the handles!! I am definitely biased towards the first style, can you tell?? :p I think in general, it's the best-looking style because everything is perfectly proportioned on the bag.
  8. I try to use the strap as much as I can with my grey first because the handles tend to get dark:sad: but with my black first I use both all the time! I think either way looks great, it just depends on personal preference.
  9. I only have one First and it's white so I always use the strap, and almost never use the handles. I think it looks great worn on the shoulder.
  10. i use both. usually in the crook of my arm which is the way i think a balenciaga should be carried :p but i love the look of it hanging from my shoulder if its a casual jeans day or summer dress day sometimes
  11. yeah - that damn darkening of the handles sucks! This bag i'm getting has them but because its seafoam i cant resist.
  12. I may be the only one who never uses the straps, on either my firsts or my cities. I always use the handles. I take the strap off as soon as I get it home and just put the strap away.
  13. Yep, are so right. It's definitely the classique for good reason.
  14. I use both but mostly the shoulder strap on the cook of my arm.
  15. I definitely use both with my Violet First! I am usually carrying stuff, so I will put it on my shoulder. I think it looks amazing both ways- It's a Balenciaga, you could wear it on your head and still be Chic !!!
    Congrats by the way on your Seafoam!