First Dior Reveal!!!!

  1. Just ordered this from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Sales Associate was awesome!!! Shout outs to Stan!! He told me that there is one more, so if anyone wants it get it quick!!, because it is on sale.:smile: Anyways here it is!
    008.JPG 009.JPG 010.JPG 011.JPG 012.JPG
  2. Congrats - it looks great! :smile:
  3. Very sleek. :tup:
  4. This is one of my favourite Dior Homme wallets. It's so uniquely Dior Homme.

    Congratulations for getting it on sale!
  5. haha yes it is also one of my favorites, and very unique in its own way. Also really like the patented leather look. Looks Very Classy!!:smile: And thanks, have always wanted this wallet but never was able to find in a Dior Boutique, so i was very happy to see it on sale and in stock.
  6. very unique, congrats~!!
  7. Great buy!!!
  8. bright black color... gorgeous wallet, and the package is lovely.. :biggrin: Congrats!!!
  9. Thanks!! it is nice wrapping they did for me!:smile:
  10. Thanks!! BTW really enjoy your reveals!
  11. hows the quality of the wallet? I want to get one but for a $580 price tag. i hope it last
  12. the quality is very good!!!! i absolutely love the patented look, and it just feels very wellmade and feels it will last for a long time...if you dont mind me asking..what one are you getting??:smile:
  13. Either same as yours or getting black patant with coin pouch. Red is nice but not availiable in my country :sad:
  14. By the way, how much did you pay for it?
  15. ohh yeah when i went to the boutique a couple of days ago and I saw the red and my mouth literally dropped... it is really nice. I saw the one with the coin pouch, and is nice too. But for me i dont like bulk wallets, and red isn't available there.. ohh man.. i think you can order it over the phone, and have the associate send it to you.:smile: