First Dior Purchase: Adiorable Sunglasses!

  1. I just bought my first item from Dior ever and HAD to share it with someone! I wandered innocently enough into Nordstrom's Rack and found myself a pair of Adiorable sunglasses for $49.99. :love:

    I tried taking pictures but they all turned out like crap... This is what they look like though:

    I have a heck of a time finding sunglasses that look anywhere near decent on me, and these fit like a charm and don't look half bad!
  2. Very Chic! Congrats!
  3. Thanks! :yahoo:
  4. Awesome deal !
  5. congrats! very nice
  6. Those are pretty.
  7. :nuts: Only $50!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. wow, what a steal, congrats!
  9. Those are cute! Congrats :biggrin:
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