First Dior & post on this forum

  1. I just ordered the Dior Cannage small zip hobo in white from eLux. What do you all think of this style? This is my first ever Dior. It's 30% off ($965 retail), is that a good price for this bag?
    Dior white Cannage small zip hobo.jpg Dior Cannage Small Zipped 1.jpg
  2. Hello Cathryn and welcome to the Dior forum! :flowers: which colour did you order ?
  3. I ordered white, it was the only color available and I would get more use out of it anyway.
  4. I love this style, white will be a little harder to keep clean, but overall it's a really nice. Congrats!
  5. Welcome to the forum!

    I love white things, but hard to maintain. I think it's a good price too.
  6. i dont really like the rivet things on the side, but congrats and im sure you'll use it a lot
  7. Hello Cathryn,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Congrats on your first Dior handbag and I must say excellent choice! Now that you have purchased your first Dior, you better get ready to join "Dior Handbag Owners Anonymous"...because the addicition has started...j/k. Once you buy your first, you can't stop.

    Here's a pic of your bag upon the Dior website. Enjoy and again, excellent choice! Happy Holidays.

  8. p.s. You should consider some matching accessories....just a thought!

  9. or some matching shoes....

  10. i love those shoes/clutches =X
  11. welcome to the forum! your new acquisition looks wonderful!
  12. I will be returning it unfortunately. I noticed today the white leather has yellowed at the top near the zipper. The white is oos now and I'm terribly disappointed.
  13. oh no. **hugs
    please do keep us updated on how it goes.
  14. thats no good:cursing: i am so sorry it happened to you:sad: