First dior - New Lock Pochette or Panarea

  1. Hi ladies, I'm planning to get my first Dior but can't decide between these 2. Had set my heart on the new lock pouch for some time and love the look of it. But the Panarea is more functional as a bag that I will get more use out of it. I know they are really 2 different bags. Which will be the better choice as a first Dior? :biggrin:
    image-3802544334.jpg image-2522719089.jpg
  2. I suggest the Panarea as a your first Dior. It's coated denim is super-durable, and it's ability to hold everything you need will make it your daily go-to bag.
  3. I second that. I love both bags...but if this is your first DIor, splurge on the Panarea.
  4. Thanks for the precious input ladies!

    So I went to the boutique to check out both bags and they are both gorgeous IRL. Had a hard time picking out between them. The new lock comes in many yummy colours and the panarea red is a delicious colour. Dior creates like the most perfect RED.
    Here are sneak pics taken while choosing for an hour plus lolz. That's my DH modelling the Panarea lolz.

    But.... I finally bring my first Dior home!
    Shall do a reveal soon of what I've got :biggrin:
    image-1272761456.jpg image-1760829140.jpg
  5. OOH! Can't wait to see!!! :smile: Do a reveal soon, soon! :smile:
  6. Your sneak peek pictures are making me excited already! Can't wait to see which one you got!
  7. Ooo I'm excited to see what you got!!! :biggrin:
  8. Don't forget modeling pics!
  9. Soon? Do the reveal NOW! Please? ;)
  10. :popcorn:
  11. as a first, the panarea for sure, ul love the durability and the amount u can carry in it !!!
  12. I've got the Panarea and I definitely say it's more versatile than the New Lock pochette which can only really be used if you haven't got much to bring with you as a day/evening bag for your essentials. I've been using my Panarea every day and it's great! Hope that's what you got ;)
  13. Does anyone know the current price for the panarea?
  14. get the new lock!!
    I just got mine in that red color yesterday! LOVE it so much!
    even just looking at it makes me happy!