First Dior -- help me decide

  1. Hello everyone :smile:
    I want to make my first dior purchases but not aware of the cost. I was checking the website and they don't have prices on there. 3 pieces interested me.
    Does anyone know the prices for
    1) new lock pouch (i like the beige patent w/ ghw)
    2) miss dior (beige lambskin w/ ghw)
    3) dior soft (does this have colleciton vary in size and does each leather have a different price?)

    for those of you that have any of the 3 bags could you give me pros and cons?
    TIA :tender:

  2. You should look at the Dior Prices Worldwide - Information Only thread for price information so you can get accurate information in the right currency. For example, the New Lock pouch costs £760 in the UK:

    As far as I'm aware, the patent and lambskin leathers tend to be the same price, but calfskin leather (where available) costs more.

    I don't have any of those bags, but I am saving up for the New Lock pouch. It's more of a small day/evening bag to carry your essentials for going out. You can't adjust the length of the chain for any of the bags, but for the Miss Dior you can purchase either the short chain or long chain versions. For the New Lock pouch, the chain is one length and can be carried as a long shoulder or cross body bag, or you can loop the chain around the flap and carry it as a double chain shoulder bag.

    The Miss Dior also comes in 2 sizes (small and medium), the New Lock pouch comes in one size only and I believe the Dior Soft comes in one size? The New Lock pouch and the Miss Dior are both structured bags, but the Dior Soft (as the name suggests) is not structured so will lose it's shape over time, but I think this is what makes the bag.

    Each bag has its own characteristics and because they're all different sizes, it depends on what you plan to use the bags for and when. For example, from smallest to largest, the New Lock pouch can be used to carry your essentials as a small day/evening bag, the Miss Dior can be used day or night, for casual or formal occasions and the Dior Soft is more of a large day bag because of its size.
  3. It depends on price. The New Lock pouch is the least expensive, while the Dior Soft is around twice the price, and the Miss Dior is around triple the price.

    It also depends on how many things you put in your purse. The Dior Soft carries the most, while the New Lock pouch carries very little (only your daily essentials). The Miss Dior is in between.

    Of these options, I highly recommend the Miss Dior. It's very refined and elegant.
  4. Thanks michi-chi! I found the price for Miss Dior short chain and long chain. I like the pouch and I like miss D.... I think it would help if I saw them IRL!

    Does anyone know how much new lock pouch is in the US or do I just covert the UK price and that's how much it is selling for in the US?

    How about the Dior Soft anyone have the US price!
  5. Thanks averagejoe! Do you happen to know the price on the pouch? I am liking the Miss D but like the idea of multiple ways of wearing the NLP.

    I would probably need something by would fit my phone, a compact, lipstick, small wallet and some tissue... Would a NLP fit those? I do like the fact that you mentioned Miss D can fit more. HMMM....

    Gotta see these beauties IRL!

    Thanks again :smile:
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    Hi if you're a Chanel fan, perhaps this info might help.
    New Lock pouch is like the WOC with the credit card slots. It's roomier because it's slightly longer and less rigid than the WOC. You might be able to put in all the above but it'll be a tight fit. Best to try it out at the boutique. The last time I checked it was $1150 in US.

    Chanel-speaking again lol, the small Miss Dior is in between M/L and the reissue 226, while the larger is very close to the Jumbo. Dior Soft comes in 2 sizes (from what I've come across). Think of the larger Dior Soft as about 2 inches longer than the GST, and the smaller size as a smaller version of the GST, 1 inch shorter. Hope I'm making sense. My tummy's growling lol.

    But I think the question you have to ask yourself is, what do you need the Dior for? My take: New Lock pouch for hands free and casual outings (can double up as clutch for dressy evenings), Miss Dior for a more sophisticated look, Dior Soft tote for work or casual weekend shopping.
  7. Thanks Serrazane! I do like WOCs in fact I have one coming in that my DH bought for me during his business trip! I may just do a reveal!

    I think I may end up getting all three Ds but would like to start with one. I may just go for the NLP it's just so cute! I would probably use it more than the Miss D.

    My birthday is also coming up and I know my DS will get me a WOC

    Decisions... Decisions :smile: need to go in a shopping trip.... Most likely get my First Dior mid July. I want to learn more and also get the feel for my WOC
  8. The New Lock Pouch comes with card slots so that you don't even need a wallet (it's much more convenient). Since you won't need a wallet, then you should be able to fit all of your essentials in there.
  9. Thanks AJ I may just go for the NLP :smile:
  10. I think the NLP is a great first Dior. In fact I just purchased 2 last week in the US as I fell in love. I find it better than the Chanel WOC as it fits alot more into it and I like how the chain is removable. I just wish I could have one in all the pretty colours they have out now.
  11. i personally will choose Miss Dior! :love:
  12. Hi Sakura :smile: were u able to get it a boutique and did they have a food selection of color? Could you tell me how much you paid for each? TIA
  13. Maybe that will be my 2nd Dior.... We'll see!
  14. Yes I went to the boutiques at Bellagio and Wynn in Las Vegas. Both had many colours - there was a teal like blue (beautiful), coral, black (patent and lamb), silver, purple, orange and others I can't recall. It was 1150 without tax, so worked out around 1260 with tax each.
  15. Thanks Sakura :smile: I hope to find a good selection of colors!