First Dior Bag!!!!

  1. I am just wondering...
    what is your first Dior bag?

  2. my first dior bag was the dior saddle bag. :biggrin:

    what was yours?
  3. My first Dior bag is Dior Girly Reporter. I love it at the first sight but din't use it as much.
  4. Unfortunately I returned my first Dior bag (do not recall the name but it was black leather and had chains if I remember correctly, mayber ~$800 about 5 years ago). My DH bought it for me for our anniversary and I stupidly returned b/c I was being practical and thought it was too expensive. I got a less expensive run of the mile Fendi in return (which I hardly use). Stupid me!!

    I'm much less practical now and got my 'first' Dior in April, and off-white medium gaucho which I :heart: to bits!
  5. blue Dior Admit It bag

    Hopefully my second will be one of the red monogram items from the outlet :idea:

    btw does anyone know what that line was specifically called?...
  6. I dont own one yet. But i hope to soon.
  7. My first Dior, a large black lamb Cannage drawstring bag just arrived minutes ago!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I've already switched all my stuff into it.

    Can't wait to get out with my new bag.
  8. How bizarre, I returned my first Dior bag too, my BF bought it from Harrods, it was a pink Lady Dior small tote.
    Flew down to London for the today to take it back and look for something else, we also had lunch at the Ivy, it was a great day out.
    I swapped it for my gorgeous Dior Diva,
    my favourite going out bag that I use all the time. Sometimes SOs just get it so wrong, gotta love them for trying...
  9. My frist Dior bag was the Street Chic Black Pyramid. It looks great as a work bag but i find it slightly too heavy for me.
  10. The brown romantique trotter heart flap bag that was out later last year...along with the matching wallet! It was also my first designer bag! And wallet! :p
    q2.JPG q3.JPG
  11. My first Dior was the Diorissimo pouch
  12. My first bag was the Large Lady Dior bag. I absolutely love it.
  13. My first and the one and only (at the moment) is Mini Lady Dior in Pink.
  14. My first Dior was the Girly Boston Bag! I still use it, as a matter f fact, I took it out so I can wear it tomorrow!
  15. My First Dior was my Rougue Bordeaux Saddle and Matching Wallet Below :biggrin: