First Dibs from NM

  1. i think i'm pre-ordering the lilac..i'm still waiting for the satin bow slingbacks in blue/yellow(the one from oprah) to come up online..
  2. Well that's good for my wallet.
  3. i really like the lilac ones but i always get nervous with cutouts bc sometgimes they rub my feet badly....i may preorder i am on the fence
  4. gemruby--you are the pre-ordering guru today!!!
  5. :lol::lol:
  6. oops got sidetracked by the satin feather detailed Manolo d'orsay:shame:
  7. You and me both!:drool:
  8. Me three! That is one hella va shoe!:drool:
  9. Wow I think the Lilac Shoes are sexy! But I have to lay off...I've already bought two pairs this month and my student finances are Struggling!
  10. Thanks for sharing. I do love the color of the CL. Those manolos were very cute.
  11. the lilac pair is cute. however with all of the recent sales...i've spent a pretty big amount on shoes lately. gotta lay off of new purchases for awhile....
  12. I like the beige ones but am not overwhelmed, better for my bankaccount , since I have two more on the way and two on pre-order :sweatdrop:.