First Dibs From Nm!

  1. oooooh cute CL wedges and silver lace up heels!
  2. I may have to have the patent wedges. I love shoes that are fun but still chic. That is a hard combo to find. Thoughts?? Am I out of my mind?? Oh and if I had a need for the Manolo feather and satin! Cool!
  3. Thanks for posting Asha! I ended up removing myself from receiving emails from, so I have to come here for info.
  4. You would probably have to try the wedge on to know for sure, but they look like they might be uncomfortable. I find CLs strappy styles to pinch my toes a bit. They are eyecatching and look very modern in design. My thoughts are for the most classic styles I would not hesitate to preorder or buy on the spot and pay full price, however for something fun like this, I would wait until it goes on sale.
  5. ashakes, you are the best customer. thanks for the link! ;)
  6. I pre-ordered these...not sure how much I like them yet though.
  7. Thanks for talking some sense into me. :crybaby:I know it would be a lot for what it is. Those feather MB's are too cute. I don't need them though.
  8. I also like the multi color MB mary janes. I have a pair of fabric peep toe pumps that are multi colored and I get more compliments. You can blend it with more things as well.
  9. My eyes were first drawn to the Manolo blue feather shoes! Wow!
  10. I removed myself from the email list too. Those Manolos are SOO gorgeous. I like the pop of the blue.
  11. I wish I could wear them more often, I would get them but they may be too dressy.:crybaby:
  12. ^ They are pretty dressy..but for your job you have to dress nicely right? If your outfit is more on the casual/plain side then these shoes would give it a nice dressed up look. :amuse:
  13. blkladylaw, i love those!
  14. I worry about the satin. I have a black tie envent in Fed,. but these would not be here then.