First Designer Shoes

  1. I have never bought designer shoes before but I think I am finally ready to close my eyes to the bill. I want something that is classic and lasts but also something that really looks wow.

    I have been thinking of Pigalle or Clichy. I am worried about the wait though I want them now! Also if i get I want the high 130mm heel. I dont want to spend that much on the lower height. I am not a taxi to restaurant person. How walkable are they? I always wear heels but it will be a bit more heel than than i am used to.

  2. i think the decolletes are reallly cute. I don't know how walkable they are, as I've only tried them on before. They are rather walkable for 4-5 inch heels, but if you are looking to buy CL, i would recommend using the taxi for that night because you don't want to ruin the red soles of the CLs, JMO.
  3. I would recommend the Pigalles... and of course get the higher heel. With a little practice you will be just fine, trust me. The Pigalles really are balanced nicely with the higher heel - the 100mm heel makes it seem like you are falling backward all the time - LOL
  4. evychew: I do like the decollettes - is the only difference with the pigalles the shape of the toe? I am worried about the sole though now - what does it go to if you walk too much in it?ZoeyZoo: I do like the Manolos but they look a bit too similar to a lot of the shoes I already have. I really want some wow factor.

    Am wondering if I should maybe try and get the YSL Tribute...
  5. Keta --

    120mm and 130mm pigalles are def a taxi-to-restaurant shoe. They are not comfortable to walk on more than 1/2 block at a time. SHORT block, at that. Take it from a person who owns 8 pairs of pigalles.

    The 100mm pigalle is walkable. In my book, they are 3 block heels. More than that at a time is just not comfortable.

    If you're looking for a shoe you can run around in, more than 3 blocks COMFORTABLY at a time, I would suggest 90mm heels.

    Louboutin did not make the 100+mm shoes to be workhorses -- he says so himself. Take it from HIM.
  6. Thanks for all the help. I guess I am a bit in between on the heel height. I worry about what you say about the comfort of the 120 and 130mm heel but i have heels between 100 and 110mm that i wear regularly without taxi. I cant believe an extra 10 or 20 mm is that much harder.

    I am more woried about the red sole though. What happens to it if you walk on it?
  7. The red sole will scuff. Like any other shoe. I have never worn the red off, I don't think.

    BUT, I CANNOT wear MY Decolletes because they are SOOOO high, they KILL my feet!

    Good luck!