First designer purse?

  1. :heart:Can any savvy collectors help?
    can anyone suggest what my first purchase should be for my collection. Im looking for price,quality and timeless. Should I start with something brand new or classic? Would love to see pics of your suggestions. Love Louis,Chanel,Gucci, know the usuall!
  2. I'd suggest Balenciaga (the leather is tdf!), but since they're not one you mentioned, I'd go with more of a classic from one of the others. Chanel is a great choice, to me they just scream feminine and classy! Good luck on you're search and just in case you decided to veer towards Balenciaga, here's a pic of mine! Mine is the giant city.

  3. I love Chanel (but not the classic one) but I would suggest your first designer should be LV ( it's practical and price is acceptable)
  4. ^Balenciaga is great! I have the one with smaller hardware in black (I have no idea what it's called I'm not a BBag expert) lol.

    Jimmy Choo also makes fantastic bags. The Ramona and Mahala are TDF.

    ^ Ramona in Navy (discontinued color)

    VERY popular bags amongst celebrities like Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, etc etc.
  5. i agree!! :tup: i just started off my handbag collection with a *bang!* my first purchase, after talking with my many friends who love handbags, was the balenciaga city bag in medium black. the leather is so soft and wonderfully slouchy! i guess i'm a late bloomer, but when i bloom, boy do i BLOOM! within the next 3 weeks, i now own a hayden harnett big clip hobo in white, a botkier black rose in metallic plum, and am waiting for my big whopper, jimmy choo mahala in liquid patent plum. :nuts: i know, i know, it's crazy! you think this is your first, and then it just snowballs into craziness! :yes: anyway, my everyday "go to" bag though, is always my black balenciaga. love, love, LOVE it! good luck with your decision! whatever you pick, i'm sure it will be great! ;)
  6. I love that chanel is it the same as the caviar?
  7. Are you talking about the GST that I posted? Those are made of caviar leather (the textured, durable leather).
  8. Great questions, OP!

    And great suggestions...I'm still learning!
  9. Oh! I thought caviar was the name of the bag. See i told you i was new to this. My friend has a chanel in that style but it doesn't have the chain straps. and the zipper pull hass a chanel medallion attached.
  10. That's the Chanel Medallion Tote. :yes: I prefer the GST over that bag.

    On The Hills, Heidi has the GST and LC has the Medallion tote.

    Chanel bags usually comes in lambskin (softer but less durable) and caviar (textured, more durable).

    GST stands for Grande Shopping Tote. There is also the PST which is a bit smaller, and the Timeless Tote which is like a shrunken GST with a zippered top. :tup:
  12. Oh okay! You will definetly be the go-to girl for chanel! i need to definetly start my wish list1
  13. ^Check out the Chanel forum and reference library. Soooo helpful. :drool:
  14. LV mono Speedy :tup: