First Designer Purchase!!

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  1. Hi All!!! i'm new to the PB Forum, but i've been reading posts for a while now! I have a confession to make, and there's no one i can tell this to, so i decided to post here, like something of a confessional...forgive me, girls, for i have sinned!!!

    Yesterday i walked into holt renfrew at yorkdale mall, walled into the lv section tried on the lv neverfull, and purchased it. I don't know if i feel better or worse, but my heart is thumping like crazy!!!

    This is a big deal for me, because this is my first designer bag purchase. before this, i would buy winner's bag, u know, tommy, etc. But don't think i didn't do the research! i've been looking through the PB website, and talked to my SA a few times about different bags. I know, i know, my first should have been a speedy, and honestly last month i went in to see the speedy and hold it, but i didn't buy it.

    The thing is, i can't wear it out. EVER! my friends at work would kill me because i bought such an expensive bag. My mom would have a heart attack if she knew how much it cost, much less that i even bought the bag! my other friends aren't really into designers, but they'll know when they see it, that it is expensive.

    The thing is, i've been obsessed with bags since i was 18 (i'm now 27) and i have always wanted a designer bag...jeez this is going on like some said story, i'll stop now.

    I just wanted to tell someone i bought a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, and I LOVE IT!!!
  2. Congratulations, and welcome to the forum!:smile:
  3. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag!
  4. congrats! post pics!
  5. Congrats!! Wear it out. You're 27 and owe no apologies for how you spend your money.
  6. Congrats on your 1st designer bag. I think we all felt the thumping heart before. It goes with the excitement and rush of a new beautiful bag that we lust over. I think you should get what you want. If you love the bag go for it. It shouldn't matter what your friends think and what they will say, afterall it is your hard earned money that you're using. They may be in awe or shock but they will realize that you love bags and accept it and hopefully the comments will stop. As for mom, mom's will always find something to disapprove of but so long as you're responsible and are able to afford the purchase, why not. Oh and your 1st purchase doesn't have to be a Speedy, go for what your heart desires!
  7. Congrats! Be proud of your bag, you don't have to answer to anyone on how you spend your money. Enjoy it!

  8. My thoughts exactly!!! Wear that beauty with pride! I am 20 and intend on buying my first Louis (speedy 30) this summer- Im sure my family and friends jaws will drop over the price, but you just have to remember- you only have one life!! Congrats!!!:yahoo::tup:
  9. totally agree! congrats on your neverfull and rock it with pride!:heart:
  10. Congrats on your bag! If I buy another LV, it will probably be the Neverfull.
  11. Congrats on the gorgeous LV! :yahoo: and welcome to the forum!
  12. yay! congrats! wear it with pride - it's your money, you earned it, and you deserve it!
  13. Congratulations! And yes, definitely wear it. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone, it's your money. Be proud! And welcome to the forum.
  14. Congrats! Thats a great bag. I think you should wear it out, don't worru about everyone else just do what makes you happy. Its no use if this beauty just sits in your closet and if anyone does comment on how expensive it is, hey its your money, you can do what ever you like withit!
    Enjoy it!
  15. Congrats on your first designer bag and welcome to tPF !!

    You indicated you were 27 -- It's your money and you can spend it how you choose so wear the bag and be happy!
    If your friends and family say anything tell them that it's none of their business what you do with your money :smile:
    Enjoy it!