First designer hand bag

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  1. Not actually my first designer handbag. But the first one I buy on my own. I'm 16 and I've been saving up to buy a purse. I've been obsessed with the celine mini for so long and want to purchase it but there are other options:

    -black celine mini luggage tote (or micro depending on how it looks)
    -black celine nano with ghw
    -Louis Vuitton speedy 30 monogram
    -Black givenchy Antigona ghw
    -black balenciaga city

    Please help me decide :smile: also if you have any of these bags please attach photos and tell me how it is!!

    Thanks :smile:
  2. As you don't have an LV Speedy mono, I would suggest you choose this particular bag.
    It's a classic and lots of bag lovers have one.
    It's lightweight, waterproof, indestructible, versatile, easy to get in and out.
    Mine is the first designer bag I bought and many many years later, it's still in great condition.
    Today it also comes with a shoulder strap....
  3. I think you should buy what you'e really obsessed about or you might still want it after you've bought an alternative, don't second guess yourself and go for it ;)
  4. Gosh, I'm so tempted to tell you to take that money and travel, OP.

    But, instead, I'll tell you to get what your heart has been pining for. The mini luggage.

    Good luck and congrats on saving for your first designer piece. :tup:
  5. Celine luggage!!!
  6. I say Celine! Make the first time experience with something you really want!
  7. Go for what you love!

    That said, I vote for the LV (a great first designer bag), Givenchy (so elegant) or Balenciaga (very versatile and lightweight). Here is a pic of my Balenciaga City, I love it so much and use it for work (it surprisingly fits my 11" MacBook Air, multiple file folders, even my lunch!) and travel.

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  8. The Speedy is a classic!

    But right now I'm just loving the Bal City. I'm considering buying one in a light summery color myself :smile:
  9. I'd say either the Speedy or the Bal City. I have both, though not the exact same type as you mentioned (I have a 35 and you mentioned a 30; I have a City in Mauve and you mentioned black).

    I'm attaching pics nonetheless, if it can help you in any way. Please ignore the wallets in the last pic (plus the bag that was cropped out on the left - that's my Bal Day. I couldn't crop it out entirely since it was not standing up straight LOL. I could not crop out the wallets since that would cut the speedy in half). I decided to include the last pic since I realized that in one of my 'bag family' group shots, the 2 were next to each other, so I thought it might be nice to show them side by side.

    As others have mentioned, the Speedy is a classic - and it's almost indestructible. Mine has undergone a lot of abuse, and it's still in great shape. The Bal City, also as others have mentioned, is lightweight and versatile. The quality is also good, and it is not as "fragile" as others might think.

    Good luck on your purchase! :biggrin:

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  10. I'm not a fan of Celine..or LV..everyone and their mother has one (or a fake)

    My vote is for the black Givenchy Antigona, beautiful timeless bag.
  11. From your choice I prefer celine nano!! I have one in red and I find it really useful. I have a city bal bag too it's gorgeous but I'm more into small bags. :biggrin: oh and I'm 16 too! My most fav bag for now is chanel boy! You should consider this one as your choice as well because I can even take it too class!! Have fun deciding :smile: xx
  12. I wish I did what you're doing. I wasted a lot of money on stupid purchases when I was young instead of making a real investment. That being said you should go for a classic bag that you will still be wearing 20 years from now - or one you can pass on to your daughters. For that reason I would go for a LV or Bal - maybe even think a small Chanel.

    Good luck - and let us know what you decide :smile:
  13. Hmmm... Normally I'd say go with the one your heart truly desires, but since this is your 1st I say get a classic that will stand the test of time in all aspects (styling & durability) If you can see & try these all on prior to making your decision I suggest you do so. This will help narrow down your choices as sometimes a bag is heavier or not as we had imagined ect...

    If it was me, I'd choose the LV Speedy b because it is a true classic & taken care of it will last you a lifetime. I wouldn't get the regular speedy though because even though the bag itself is light weight once you place your items in & start carrying it will start feeling heavy. GL & Congrars on your 1st (so exciting)
  14. Speedy gets my vote! She's such a wonderful, timeless bag.
  15. Another vote for the speedy... I love my speedy and it was my first :smile: