First designer bag

  1. At what age did you receive as a gift or purchase your first designer bag?
  2. At was a LV brown epi pochette, I'm glad I bought something timeless and that I can still wear it when I'm 50 y/o remembering the good old days :biggrin: And What about you, Shoegal?
  3. First designer bag was an LV pochette that I bought myself in my junior year of college (2001).
  4. my first was my celine boogie bag that i bought when i was 19
  5. I can't even remember how old I was, but it was a tiny Louis Vuitton speedy (I must have been around 14 or 15?) And that same year, my grandmother gave me her Gucci bag.
  6. I bought my first Gucci purse with matching wallet in Palm Springs when I was 27.
  7. I bought myself the Coach signature optic ladybug hobo. I was 19, I loved it & I still do but I don't wear it out as much b/c it just looks so dressy than casual.
  8. 3 months ago...a Burberry (I'm assuming D&B doesn't count lol)...since then a bunch more lol
  9. My first designer bag was a Burberry shoulder bag when I was 18. I still have it, though probably will sell it soon since I never use it anymore.
  10. I have a Gucci bag from when I was like 6, but I have no idea if it's real or not. Last year's birthday was when I got my first Louis.. and it's been a downward spiral for my bank account ever since !
  11. Two months ago when i purchased my Marc Jacobs Multi pocket... im 24
  12. Ooh and at the age of 14 i got my first Coach bag.
  13. I don't quite remember ... but I think it was sometime in high school, a Fendi from my mom.
  14. i got my first brand new one when i was in 2nd year college. My mom bought me a satchel from a Bally boutique :smile:
  15. My first was a Coach bag in high school - I can't remember an exact age. I gave my daughter my mono Speedy 25 last year when I purchased my 30. I thought about selling the 25 but it was a gift from my husband when he was my boyfriend about 15 years ago. It was nice to keep it in the family.:biggrin: What age do you think is too young? Not the Louis, Gucci, etc. but Coach or Dooney?