First Designer Bag

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  1. Which bag started the obsession for you lol What was your first designer bag and how old were you when you got it?

    (btw, we can start threads right? hehe if not sorry :embarasse )
  2. Mine was the Dior Street Chic - black leather when I was 23
  3. Mine were the Fendi Baguette (the sequined one) and the Vuitton Monogram Canvas pochette! I actually own the second bag, but the first still remains a dream!
  4. Of course you can start threads Noriko, the more, the merrier

  5. Mine was way back in 7th grade- the little Coach pochette! I wanted a designer bag so bad and begged and pleaded for it. It was only $128 but I remember thinking that was the biggest deal. Ah, if only I still just wanted $128 bags!! ;)
  6. Thanks Vlad! :smile:

    doh! I started this thread and forgot to put what mine was lol. I was in 7th grade also and got a gray prada shoulder bag, probably a medium size. I still have it :biggrin:
  7. My first designer bag was the LV Papillon 26 in Damier canvas, I also got a little Vernis Ludlow wallet to go with it. This was last summer when I was 19.
  8. My Parents Money - My first designer bag was a Salvatore Ferragamo Pochette when I was 12 (Back then I didn't know it was valuable. So I used it as a pencil case, crayon, & elmer's glue case for school.) I still have it, it's smothered with glue & ink. It's alittle Fugly now (well not alittle, ALOT). I regret doing that... LOL The next one was when I was 14 it was a black lamb skin leather Chanel belt bag (back when my Mom was still working at Chanel). I was alittle more familiar with designer bags by this time, so I guess this was truely my first designer bag.

    My Own Money - My first purchase with MY hard earned money was a Celine Alma in Black Monogram (it was on sale, original price was around $500 then, I got it for just $300!) and the LV Mono Pouchette. This was when I was 18. Sheesh just a year ago!(I'm 19).
  9. Nice! I really liked how you differentiated b/t your money and your parents money! I just replied to something you said in 'What really grinds my gears!' :smile:
  10. a gucci pochette in black gg monogram canvas.
  11. I started with Tod's. I was really into the rather structured ones they did a few years back. Now, I think they have 'too many notes' (to quote AMADEUS). I can't remember which Tod's was my first but I know it was one of 'em! At this point, I think I only have a Tod's tote left -- the rest I've sold.

    Ah, the resale store....the little bit of retail redemption for a bag addict!

  12. Mine was a black Gucci evening bag. I was 19. The next was a Gucci Drs. bag, in traditional monogram canvas. I still have the Drs. bag and it looks as good as it did when I first bought it! :amazed: My 12 year old has a D&B and Coach, my 9 year old has a D&B. I thing the D&B multi color hearts, etc. are great for the younger set and as intro designer bags. They really fit that playful personality. :biggrin:
  13. I very first name brand designer was coach bag
  14. My very first bag was the LV pouchette. I was 15 years old working at my first job at the Gap. My mom thought I was crazy to buy a designer bag at my age. 5 years later and I still use the bag all the time. Its funny how we can place such value on something like a bag, but even today, everytime I use it I still get the same feeling of accomplishment that I did when I saved up to buy it. (I also am reminded of how much I truly hate working retail!)
  15. my first designer bag was a Coach signature demi for $128... at the age of 18 i couldnt believe i spent that much on a lil purse. now at 22 $100+ seems so little for a purse..