First Designer Bag Question????

  1. My friend is 33 and will purchase her first designer bag.
    I have suggested a Fendi Spy in a great Color.

    She said she thought the Spy would be replaced by the Fendi B.

    We need help, tell me what you think:yes:

    She wants a bag that will go with a lot and she is a working mother.:heart:
  2. [​IMG]
    This is the style I suggested.
  3. Well, you can never go wrong with a Chanel, you can wear it forever.
    However, the way Spys continue to roll out, I think you are good for at least a couple of years.
    I never liked the buckle bags as well, I think they are more likely to go out of style quickly. I remember the Fendi vanity didn't last long, although I still like it. That's my opinion, though.
  4. fendiwisteria.jpg
  5. mmmm....maybe it's a bit too winter-y?
  6. i think spy is not long lasting. i vote for chanel and lv. balenciaga can't hurt too :smile:
  7. between the two, I just prefer the Fendi B to the spy
  8. If she's a busy mom, I don't think the spy is a good bag for her. She should probably get something that doesn't need to be hand held. Also, I think the spy is a trend and not a classic.
  9. I like the Fendi spy bag and think that it will not be outdone or overtaken by the Fendi B bag. But, with this being said, I do not think that the spy bag is a classic. This bag is the kind that you purchase when you already have a bunch of other designer bags, you have extra money, and you just want something to carry for a few years.

    I think that a more practical (and better in my opinion) first designer bag would be something by Chanel, MJ, or Gucci.

    Good luck in helping find your friend the perfact bag!
  10. Just like most of the other girls said, the spy bag is really trendy. If she's going to be using this bag for the next few years, I recommend something more classic. Chanel, Gucci, LV or maybe even MJ.
  11. I would recomment Chanel, definitely
    She could get a Tote or a classic flap bag
  12. Louis Vuitton! The Speedy's a classic. :yes:
  13. Will Chanel be good for every day??

    What about the Marc Jacobs Stam???
    Will the syle last a least one more year??
  14. Louis vuitton all the way.