First Day of work in NYC

  1. Well everyone, just popping in to say I'm off!!!! I am a bit nervous but it should be fine. It would be better if Vlad would call me or email me back!!!! :mad:

    Anyhow, talk to you all after!!!!! :flowers:
  2. Good luck!!!!! :smile:
  3. Good luck, I hope you have a good day.
  4. Good luck Megs!!!!
  5. Good luck on the first day Megs!!!:flowers:
  6. Good'll be perfect!!!:yes:;) :heart:
  7. Good luck! Hope you have a great first day!
  8. best of luck, megs!
  9. go megs!!!!
    good luck!:flowers::heart:
  10. Good luck! YOU WILL BE GREAT!
  11. good luck megs! break a leg! i'm sure it will be fabulous.
  12. good luck!!:flowers: dont get caught in the rain!
  13. No need to wish you good luck, you'll do AMAZING :biggrin:

    Ace that first day girl !!! ;)
  14. Good Luck and have a nice day..
  15. Wow, how exciting - first day of work in New York... Have a wonderful first day.....