First day of puppy daycare

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  1. Bella has just been dropped off for her first day at puppy daycare!

    I was feeling a little nervous but relieved once I drove away.

    She got really worked up as I was taking her -I think she thought she was going to the vet.

    I really hope she enjoys being on her own today :s

    I took her bedding and her favorite toys so she feels secure.

    Any daycare experiences to share?
  2. aww, your puppy is going to have such a fun day of playing and making new friends!! I think daycare is a great way for puppies to become socialized and used to interacting with other dogs, so don't worry, you're doing the right thing.:tup:

    My little girl loves going to daycare! I don't take her all the time, but the place I board her at when I go out of town puts the boarders and the daycare dogs together, and she has a BLAST! I take her to a small-dog only facility so she doesn't feel threatened by bigger dogs. They have an "observation" room where you can watch all the dogs playing, and I could tell my Sophie was having fun.:love:

    Just think, she could be sitting alone at home, sad, lonely, waiting for you to get there.. :crybaby: Much better for her to be in a place where people are giving her plenty of attention all day!
  3. Thanks Sassy! You've made me feel a lot better!

    They did have one big dog there and she is quite scared by big dogs, but I'm fairly certain they wouldn't let her near them, esp on her first day.

    I am going to visit her at lunchtime - will update on her progress...
  4. Awwww, that's so cute. I wish there was a puppy daycare around my house so my baby can go make some friends.
  5. Aww, I am sure Bella is going to have lots of fun and get lots of attention!

    My 3 pugs love going to doggy daycare. I remember the first time I took them I was upset and worried. I think I even wrote a post about it! The doggy daycare my pugs go to has a webcam set up. I watch them as much as possible and they play the whole time. It is nice because they will sleep really good that night because they are so pooped.
  6. I want to hear how she did!
  7. I always wanted to work in a doggy daycare!!!
    I think it would be so fun!!
    Please update!!
  8. She went okay.

    She was pretty submissive during play.

    She was in an area with another 12 week old puppy, and they were fairly well matched in temperament.

    She seems to prefer humans over other dogs - is that normal?
  9. Sure, if she's used to humans and doesn't have a doggy playmate at home.

    But as you probably know, it's important for her to be socialized with other humans and other dogs. She was probably just a tad off because this was her first day. Betcha in a week she'll be begging you to take her!

    A lot of little dogs grow up to love being around large dogs... the feisty temperment of a little dog and the mellow laid back attitude of some of the bigger dogs like Goldens and Newfs and Saint Bernards make them great pals. A lot of big dogs are also more people oriented as well, but having a "little buddy" to hang with, especially a fiesty little buddy, teaches them how to behave around small dogs.

    She going back tomorrow?

  10. She will be going back next week (I only work one full day so I'm home with her the other days). She was probably just overwhelmed by all the dogs and the change of environment. It was also quite hot here today, and she is used to being in airconditioning. When we first started puppy preschool she was very outgoing, but since she injured herself (almost 2 weeks ago) she has been quite reserved. I'm not sure if it's related.
  11. Ohhhh! I see now! Okay dokey, sounds good.

    Did she hurt herself at the daycare? That would explain a lot right there.

  12. No she hurt herself at home with my partner and I - I'm not sure why it has made her more submissive around other dogs tho... perhaps she's learning that she's not invincible?
  13. ^^ I think it's quite normal for puppies to be submissive, and every dog has it's own individual personality.. My dog likes to play with other dogs, but in the end he generally prefers to be around people. Some people enjoy dogs more than people, after all!
  14. ^Mine too. One of my pugs Luna doesn't care about other dogs. When we take her to bark park she just goes around and visits every person. She wants to sit on everyone’s lap! If another dog comes up to her to sniff her she will sometimes lay on her back belly up, which is a sign of submission. That is just her personality. I'm sure once Bella goes back a few times she will become more comfortable and will run around like she owns the joint!
  15. I used to take my little one to doggy daycare. It was so cute that everyday when I picked her up they gave me a report card to say how she was doing, what her favorite game of the day was, and her friends' names. Having dog is just like a kid, I think!!!