First day of Lamaze class...

  1. So our instructor was telling all the hubbies to put ice onto the palms of their wavies' hands during contraction and whisper encouraging words into their ears to help them relax.

    guess what my hubby said?! he said "honey, everything will be fine and i will buy you a croc bag after the delivery!"


    I started laughing so hard...he sure knows my obession with bags...but i did tell him i am not a fan of croc tho..:p
  2. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao: ROTFLMAO! Now THAT is a good DH!!!

    And I just realized we're only 3 days apart in our due dates! Yikes!
  3. LOL! thats too funny! def a great DH