First day At the bay and maybe the last day I don't know

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  1. Firstly, the sequin pink wristlets are part of The occasion sequin collection. There are wristlets in black, gold, pink and they are like the spotlight sequin bags. There are also larger kisslock sequin clutches in silver and black. Style number of the wristlet was 44509. I sold about $1200 in bags today but my feet are killing me and the Bay kind of sucks. I'm not sure I will stay there for the 10% discount when I already make a very good salary at my other job. I had 30 min break all day! I sold a lot of swingpacks and a gathered sophia wallet, a kristin sig. Some other bags. The cranberry Maggie and inlaid Maggie were coveted! More bags will be out in November. The new poppy star bags are really strange, have you seen them? I didn't see any more hamptons bags yet, but I will look more next time if i go back.
  2. Wait the discount is only 10%??!! I thought the discount was 50%.
  3. 10% at the Bay it's not coach it's a dept store so it iis their discount.
  4. Oh, that's not worth in IMO. You get a way better deal just waiting for PCE... Was it fun looking at all of the bags though?
  5. Okay thanks for clarifying!

    Still don't think it's worth it - doesn't sound like you had a good day. :nogood:
  6. I had some fun with the bags but there is no way I'm going to buy anything with a high ticket price. Sigh. We have a lot of Sophias, but only 3 maggies and a lot of Poppy. I'm wondering if I should try once more, but 10% is pretty crappy?
  7. Hey Mandy! Why does the Bay store suck? :hugs:
  8. Retail can be rough stuff. Standing on your feet all day, sometimes in cute shoes even if they're not the most comfortable shoes, and just wait until you get the hyper-demanding customers! On the other hand, there are some really sweet customers who can totally make one's day when working in retail. Customer service is luck of the draw.

    Can you stack your discount with store coupons?

    Great sales figures! How'd your sales compare to the other SA's?
  9. Lol! I wish I knew! 30 min break all day? And I cannot keep my purse with me so I have to run up to the third floor to get my wallet from my locker before my break!
  10. We can't stack anything unfortunately. Coach is an exception. And that 1200 was total for the dept but about 900 of it was me
  11. I have never heard of just 10% off! When I worked at Macy's back in the day I got 25%+Whatever sale they were having. Retail can be rough on your feet, for sure! Regular pedicures are must :smile: But, I think you should give it one more try.. the first day is always the hardest.. it could end up being really fun. :hugs:

    I have seen the Poppy Star Spotlight and I liked the Silver/pink one but I thought it was too much Metallic and instantly knew that's going to be a quality issue from peeling AND I thought the 400 dollar price tag sucked for such a small bag.
  12. I think I can understand the ultra limited break time "issue". I used to work in a high end hair salon and we didn't have a set break time or limit. It's pretty much, eat as fast as you could and get back to work. For a person like me, who eats really fast, I hardly ever get to rest for 30 minutes. I couldn't even hang around till it's 30 minutes, even if I wanted to, because the manager would want me back on the floor if my food is clearly all gone from the plate.

    Standing on your feet all day is also something I could comprehend. Although I worked in a hair salon, there's no way we could sit because if we are sitting, that means (to our boss) we are not doing our job. For the boss and manager, we are supposed to be running up and down the salon all day long while we're at work. It's super tiring and couple that with ungrateful, stuck up and demanding customers, my life there was stressful :nuts:

    Oh and when working in service line over here especially retail or salon, you'd generally have to work during the weekends. For my job, it's full day of work on both Saturday and Sunday. No taking time off from work during public holidays, which sucked big time because we'll be serving people who are getting ready to go party on Christmas Eve, NYE and such. I hardly have any life while working there though money was good. I wouldn't go back to doing what I did before because I love having my weekends off and also, finally, a life to live :biggrin:

    Hang in there Mandy ;) If you don't think it's worth your time and effort, just quit and enjoy your life! Good luck.

  13. 10% is crappy IMO! If you dont like it you should quit, I worked a job I hated for 4 years, now I love my job and wish I would have quit the other one way sooner...anyhoo do you know how much the wristlets are?
  14. Sequin wristlets were 58. Sequin kiss lock clutch were 128. All the rest were the same price ad in the stores or online.
  15. Sorry to hear about your rough first day! Retail can be fun but it is very demanding and the pay isn't that great!!! The Bay sounds kind of like a Macys or Nordstrom. Weird that they only offer 10%. As far as shoes - get Danskos - they are the best shoe!!! Great for standing and help with your posture! They are a bit costly - $120 plus U.S. dollars. Did you work an 8 hour day? In U.S. - if you work 4 hours - you should get a 15 minute break - 6 hours - 20 minute break - 8 hours - two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch (you have to punch out for) That is Federal Law and stores can get in trouble. I know you are in Canada so the laws are different.
    Great Job on selling so much Coach!!!
    I hope it gets better!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: