First date recap...not a relationship but prepping for the Sequel...

  1. This is a follow up and shout out to everyone who helped me decide to wear a DRESS to a first date rather than my jeans/cute top/heeled boots/leather jacket uniform...especially when dancing is involved! I'm posting this in gen discussion b/c this is nowhere near a full blown relationship but Mods please feel free to move.

    What to wear thread!!

    What happened!
    Well as a lot of you know, I went through a breakup in June and thanks to all of your support + IRL here I've been getting ready to get back out there. Yes, that means online dating (again) too.

    My salsa date night recap: Great dinner, no salsa
    We met at a restaurant which he had thought had live salsa music that night (I didn't know any different as I had not eaten there before.) When I arrived (betsey johnson dress, heels and TDF Chloe clutch) he was already there with a mojito and he was chatting away on his cell in his native language, so we shook hands and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek in silence and sat next to him. Turns out that was his son in his native country who he’s been trying to get ahold of for some time now. It was only a couple minutes and while it could have been a huge red flag I decided not to push it. I got a club soda and we chatted for a bit and then got seated for dinner. My friends say that is a HUGE red flag that he didn't end the convo right away but I am not totally into this guy so I'm not that hung up on it.

    The dinner was WONDERFUL. Along with that they had Tango music and a special professional dance couple who did a lot of tango’ing during dinner…great entertainment! Then later, dancing for everyone.

    Well here I am dressed for dancing and he doesn’t ask me to dance. Not that I was dying to tango…but turns out he thought this night was salsa night and when he had called to reconfirm the reservation he found out it was tango, not salsa. So earlier in the day he had researched places to salsa dance in the area, so I thought that was cool that he had been working on a backup plan. Meanwhile, the restaurant is nice but the music was loud and that combined with me being a teeny bit hard of hearing I wasn’t able to catch 100% of what he was saying. I just thought it was a little weird he says he's all into dancing but doesn't ask me but oh well.

    We walked to the other club where he thought the salsa dancing was to take place. Honestly it was a name/address I had never heard of so it was probably out of date information. And, I'm not a salsa dancing expert so I am not plugged into what's going on in my area in that realm, KWIM? In any event we never found the place but it was a nice evening stroll after dinner, and he was pretty lowkey about the whole thing not finding this alleged dance club (unlike my ex BF who would have blamed ME for not knowing where the place was, HTH).

    We ended up at another restaurant for a nightcap and he walked me to my car. We're going out again (this time downtown) for dinner and live salsa dancing. OMG now I have to find ANOTHER dress for dancing, LOL!

    Anyway who knows but just wanted to post the latest. :shrugs:
  2. I'd say definitely give it another shot, he may have been distracted because he was talking to his son and also due to the fact it was tango night, not salsa night. And look at the other bright side, you get to go shopping for another dress!
  3. I'm glad you had a nice date :flowers:
  4. Yeah, I do think it's worth another shot. It was fun being out on a date again and just enjoying company and conversation plus getting dressed up too. I have a long road ahead of me with healing...not putting too much into this emotionally...just getting back out there and having fun!
  5. I'm glad :flowers:
    you deserve it.
  6. It sounds like you had a nice time. He may not be THE ONE, but it is nice to socialize with him it sounds like.

    I also think it's sweet he was talking with his son. He's a man who must care about his family and that's always a good thing.

    Let us know about your next date. I hope you enjoy yourself!
  7. Good to see you are enjoying yourself! Dates are so much fun!
  8. Booze, a dress and a guy who speaks a foreign language? And you did not have your way with him? Girl, we need to talk.
  9. I just talked to PG on the phone so we straightened that lil' prob out :graucho: :lol:
  10. ^^ Oh Irish and kill me!!! hehehehehe

  11. Too funny! ;):smile::yes: Irishgal, I think you are hysterical in the best possible way!

    Pursegrrrl, I'm proud of you. I'm sure it took a good bit of courage to go on a date. Where did you first meet him?
  12. I wouldn't hold the phone thing against him. If you are going out with him again you must have enjoyed his company. Have fun on your second date!
  13. Glad to hear you're getting back out there and that you had fun on your date!
  14. ooh first lemme say that dress is so amazing! I bet you looked great!! And I'm glad you had a good date. Give it another chance, but if he continues then look for someone who will treat you like a PRINCESS :flowers:
  15. Oooo how exciting. Glad to hear your getting back in the saddle, wish I was as brave as you.