First Damier: Alma or Saleya PM???

  1. I love the iconic classiness of the Alma, but like the shape of the Saleya PM too. Which would you choose and why?

    (And no, I can't get both. I have a Grenat City on pre-order. :biggrin: )
  2. Alma:love: If I had to go for Saleya, I would choose MM.
  3. I would get the Saleya PM...for whatever reason, the Alma just doesn't appeal to me.
  4. Saleya :heart: I like the Alma in damier, but the shape of the Saleya appeals to me more.
  5. I would go with Alma. To me, it's classier :love:
  6. It depends on if you want a handheld or shouder bag.
  7. I say saleya b/c it works as a shoulder bag and a handheld bag!
  8. ALMA
  9. I have to say Saleya!!! I am in love with mine. :biggrin:
  10. They are both beautiful bags - it's really a matter of preference for a handheld or shoulder.

    Just note that the Alma is a classic design that will be in LV's collection forever. The Saleya was just released maybe half a year ago or less and may or may not be discontinued. So it depends on what type of bag you like.

    The nice thing about the Saleya is that it an be a shoulder or a handheld. It is also more casual The Alma is more dressed up. I have both so can't help you there! (I have the Alma in the Epi though.)
  11. Alma! *drooling*
  12. I like the Saleya- I just like the shape better, and I like that you can put it on your shoulder.
  13. I would get the Saleya because it's roomier.
  14. I have the saleya PM and want an Alma. Both great bags, just different. Try them both....
    The saleya really isn't a shoulder bag though--it barely fits and since the pm wasn't made to be carried that way, it just looks a little off (probably because the handles are a tad short).
  15. Saleya PM