First Communion Gift

  1. Does anyone know what an appropriate gift for a 3rd grader's first communion? She is my daughter's best friend and we are all invited to the party after. Thank you so much in advance for any advice you may have!!
  2. Well.. are you a guest only, or godmother? Here in Mexico, godparents will usually give a necklace with a religious image or something along those lines. I'm sure even if you're not a godparent, something thoughtful like that will be appreciated. Doesn't have to be expensive, either. Just my 2 cents! Hope it helps.
  3. Is there a religious store in your area? If there is you can look there, they have all kinds of great stuff .....Children's Bibles, religious jewlery, candles,cards,toys, books, picture frames and other things that are just for First Communion gifts.
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Very helpful!!
  5. How about a card promising her a rosary that you, she, and your daughter will make together?

    Ask both girls to tell you their favorite colors. Then go buy the beads and components. (If you let them select the beads, they will drive you nuts and bankrupt!)

    Arrange a date to help them make the rosaries at your house.
  6. You can never go wrong with a simple Rosary and prayer book. I have prayer books that I got when I had my First Communion and I still carry them and I'll be 28 soon! You are very thoughtful...God bless you and your little friend! Have a great day! I just went to our friend's son's First Communion and it is a great treat...kind of rekindles your own faith!
  7. Aahhh, this is a good one, too!
  8. It is unlikely that the child will lack for religious medals, etc. By the end of the day, she will be sitting in a pile of them up to her eyebrows.

    She is a third grade kid. What does she like? Barbies? Get her the one with the biggest, poufiest dress and a couple of extra outfits.

    Model cars? Get her a 65 Mustang and some red and gold paint.

    Speaking of paint, a beginner acrylic set doesn't cost much and has the look and feel of a grownup gift with all the fun of a real one. Plus it's water soluble.

    If she doesn't already have one, you could get her one of those kiddie phones that her mom can program so that it calls only the numbers mom decides.

    Does she like to read? If so, in the unlikely event that she is not caught up and waiting for the next one, Harry Potter.

    You get the idea!
  9. For my communion (long time ago now!) I remember getting lockets, money, crosses on necklaces and precious moments little figurine/statues.
  10. I just give money! Guess, that's a bit boring but they can do what they wish w/ it!

    I just went to one on Sunday. I wanted to give $100, but DH begged to only give $50! (Said we barely know the kid, true- but GEEZ)!
  11. try to think outside of the box. for mine i got the most beautiful photo frame that i keep on my dresser with a photo of me wearing my communion dress. or get her a cute little purse or something like that which will make her feel like such a grown up. id say no to jewellery though, she will get loads.
  12. Passerby - Some of those are really cute! Too bad, my cousin's is this weekend and those would've been perfect to add to the $$ gift!
  13. Blue824, to keep in mind for future gifts perhaps? :smile: There are some lovely rosaries on Etsy as well.