First Comes Bags, Then Comes Baby! Vlad and I have a Baby Girl on the way!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I've been so excited to share our major news with you all! Vlad and I are expecting our first child, Baby Girl Dusil as we've named her for now!!!!! She's due November 20th, 2016 and I can honestly say I am so so so excited to have her in our lives!

    When I found out I was pregnant I knew I'd share with you all and somehow time flew by and I am already 22 weeks along! I was about to start posting in the "Trying To Conceive (TTC)" section because I did experience some fertility struggles, but right as I was about to open up, I found out I was pregnant!

    I feel like you all are family and am really happy to share in this next journey with you!! I already have that little Louis Vuitton Mini Sac HL Bag for her and I'm hoping she'll like bags!! :amuse:

    I posted a little more on PurseBlog HERE, but will share more with you all soon!

    :heart: Megs + Vlad
  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! ️ fantastic news!!!! A tPF baby!!
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  3. :hugs:CONGRATULATIONS~~~~ I'm so happy for you both!!! Can't wait to to see her :heart:
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  4. Aww...Congrats Megs & Vlad! Here's to baby girl Dusil!
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  5. Congratulations!!!! That pic is just precious :smile:
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  6. Congratulations...and Happy Baby!
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  7. Congratulations you guys!!!
    My husband and I struggled with IF too. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well for us but that just means I can buy more bags:smile:
    Hope for a happy and healthy pregnancy for you and a beautiful little baby!!!
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  8. Mazel tov, Megs and Vlad! Super excited for you, especially since apparently it wasn't that easy for you. So glad Baby Girl Dusil is on her way, and how perfect is it that she already has her own little LV bag? The first of many, I'm sure. Hugs to all three of you!:hugs::hugs::hugs:
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  9. Congrats! What a lucky girl she'll be
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  10. Oh I am beyond thrilled for you both. You should see my face--I am smiling from ear to ear! Congratulations!
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  11. Congratulations Megs and Vlad! Cute that the baby already has her first LV :biggrin:
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  12. That's fantastic news, many congrats to the two of you! (Don't worry Megs, she's genetically predisposed to love bags) :nuts:
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  13. congratulations! what a blessing!!! :biggrin:
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  14. Congrats!! :nuts:
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  15. Congratulations, Megs and Vlad!!! I'm thrilled for you both and baby Dusil. I too had fertility problems--this is such a precious gift for you. :yahoo:
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