"First" color to compliment my collection

  1. I know I have been raving about getting an 06 First for ages now, but I always miss out on the auctions at the last minute...

    I currently have B-bags in the following colors: Rouille, Emerald & Greige

    I know I don't want white or black bags either...

    What color First should I get? Grey, anything in the darker blue pallate...

    Suggestions please?

    Then the only problem will be finding one! :wlae:
  2. Pretty much everything looks nice in the first size I think. What about lilac 06, blueberry sounds great as well there is ink which I love but wonder if it's not nicer in the bigger sizes.
    And the gray is a classic.
  3. I see that you don't have anything in a shade of blue so I would suggest ink, which is a gorgeous colours (my favorite from S/S 06) or blueberry or maybe blue india :yes:
  4. i would go for blue shades...
    how about sky blue, turq '04 or blueberry?
  5. Blueberry!:yes:
  6. I also think a blue shade would be a good addition. Blueberry is a really pretty color. Or ink :yes:
  7. Anything in the blues would be really nice in the smaller First size. Whatever you decide, good luck! ;)
  8. Blueberry or Ink :smile:
  9. Oh, you're all wonderful! Blueberry or Ink it will be...Let me know if you see one!