First Collier de Chien bracelet purchase

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  1. Hi all! I am preparing o buy my first Collier de Chien bracelet (so excited!!!). However I'm having a lot of trouble deciding which color to get: either the black with PHW or the new Rubis with PHW. I have somewhat fair skin so I think that the Rubis looks a bit softer, but I wonder if 1) the black will go with more and 2) there won't be any issues with stains if I get black (see my post about my stain to my Kelly Dog!).

    I currently have a black/gold and fauve/gold Kelly Dog.

    What do you suggest?? Any good ways I can protect the Rubis from stains (can I use a stain protector?) or is black the better bet?
  2. I have fair skin too and went in to buy a brown CDC with GH, but tried on the rubis and forgot the brown one until I was leaving the store wearing the rubis :P
  3. Yes the Rubis is such a beautiful color! My only concern is that it would show stains whereas the black won't. Since I just got a bad stain on my fauve kelly dog I am now leaning towards the black...does anyone do anything to protect their leather bracelets? What do you use?