First Coach!

  1. I was always content with one black purse and one brown purse, and they usually just came from Walmart. But, for some reason, I decided last year that I had to have a designer handbag. My brother works at Dillard's and told me to pick out a Coach and he would get it for me for Christmas. I was thinking of a Prada nylon, but I looked anyway. I LOVED them all! I always liked totes, but as soon as I saw the chelsea optic signature satchel I just knew that was it. In fact, someone else wanted her too and even had the SA call the other store. I joined tpf in January, but this is my first post. I've really enjoyed reading the forum and I love all the pics. This is my one and only coach - for now! Although, I am looking hard at the new patchwork swingpack. It looks fun to wear for the summer. And I will probably have to have a bracelet too!
  2. Congratulations. Awesome Choice for your first purse. Let me just warn you, the addiction gets CRAZY!!! So welcome, and please post pics.... We all love pics!!!
  3. Welcome to the forum! I still have my very first Coach, it was a birthday present from my DH and because it has sentimental value, I think I will always keep her, no matter how large or small my Coach collection may get.
  4. Congrats, welcome to the forum! Great choice for your first bag, we'd love to see some pics!
  5. Congrats on your first Coach and welcome to tPF! I got my first Coach bag this Christmas and am totally addicted now thanks to this forum! :p
  6. Welcome! Love your bag. Enjoy
  7. Congrats and Welcome! :tup: The Chelsea satchel is a great bag!!! :tup: You will love it here.. hold onto your wallet! :graucho: :p
  8. that's a nice one! i have the swingpackin the same print!
  9. Welcome to tPF. If you are like most of us, it will be the first of many :graucho::lol:
  10. Welcome, and try to be careful your first few months on here if you know what i mean;) for your credit card's sake :smile:
  11. Welcome to TPF and congrats on your first Coach!!!! I'm sure there will be many more to come.
  12. Welcome to the forum! You did great for your first bag.. we would love to see your pics :biggrin:
  13. Welcome and enjoy! :graucho:
  14. welcome to tfp! it's a lot of fun and it's so addicting...just like the purses!! :]]
  15. Welcome to the forum!! :flowers: Congrats on your first coach!!:tup: